A warri-based Niger Delta activist, Comrade Austin Ozobo has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to enforce the removal of military check points from N-Delta streets, creeks and waterways.
It would be recalled that the president had earlier ordered the dismantling of all military checkpoints across the country.
Ozobi urged President Buhari to ensure that all military men were removed and taken back to the barracks.
“the military has turned terror and the people of the region are living in fear on daily basis, and military lawlessness and brutality is very high in Niger Delta, that almost every day you hear of people being extra-judicially exterminated and assaulted.”
He added that the military presence on the streets was a big threat to communal and public peace and such is inimical to the aspirations of the common Niger Deltans.
According to Ozobo, the high military presence in public places exposed the military to corrupt practices, use of force against the common man, indiscriminate brutalisation and extra-judicial killings, adding that on no account should the military remain in the region.
He complained that in some areas the military mounted illegal check points to just collect bribe from motorists, truck pushers, hawkers, transport boats and market women, and anyone who refuses to pay may end up victimised.

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