A MEMBER of the House
of Representatives, Rep.
Abubakar Amuda-Kannike,
has advised agitators for
break-up of Nigeria to drop
the idea, saying the unity of
the country is not negotiable.
Amuda-Kannike told the
News Agency of Nigeria
(NAN) in Abuja that unity
of Nigeria could not be
sacrificed on the altar of
greed by some mischievous
He said that he did not understand restructuring as
“secession’’ or suggesting
that “we should break the
entity called Nigeria’’.
“There are people that are
talking about Biafria, who
want to break away.
“I think that is another
discourse and there are
people who are talking about
restructuring under the
entity Nigeria – devolution
of powers from Federal
Government to states.
“What the president was saying is that the unity of
this nation is not negotiable;
you can’t put the unity of
this nation on the table for
“I think there is no better
time for him to reinforce it
than now, because we are
all living witnesses to the
antics of those who want to
secede,’’ he said.
The lawmaker reiterated
the need for Nigerians to live
together and ensure peaceful
coexistence. “With due respect
to those who want to
secede, their manner and
approach is endangering
the entity, Nigeria. In this
age and time, I don’t think
we should be fanning the
embers of war.
“Even without war, we
are already not doing
too well. Are Nigerians
looking at nations that are
at war? Do they know how
long it takes to come out of

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