Buharimeter, the public initiative of the Centre for Democracy and Development towards monitoring and holding President Muhammadu Buhari accountable for his promises, has released its first report of the president’s first 30 days in office

President Buhari in his first month has demonstrated some level of commitment in dealing with issues of security and, reasonably, corruption.

According to the report in his first 30 days, Buhari only worked towards the accomplishment of 6.8% of programmes he pledged to implement within his first 100 days in office.

Also, during his first month, actionable steps were taken towards the achievement of only 2.3 % of the president’s promises that have 4-year term.

​​To assess the performance of Buhari within the first 30 days of his presidency, Buharimeter examined specific actions, or inactions of All Progressives Congress (APC) government towards the achievement of campaign promises.

Discussion in this section turns around two main points: areas where Tinterventions have been carried out; and others where nothing has been done.