House of Representatives yesterday mandated its Committee on Aviation to probe a recent report by CNN rating three of Nigeria’s airports amongst the 10 worst airports in the world.
The House also directed the committee to investigate how N400 billion appropriated for airport remodelling was carried out.
The resolution followed a motion of matters of urgent public importance titled ‘Urgent Need to Investigate the Factors that Lead to the Damnable Rating of our Airports’ sponsored by Honourable Garba Datti.
In his submissions, the lawmaker explained that it was highly disturbing to know that Nigeria had some of the worst airports to travel in the world, according the CNN global survey.
He regretted that the development was uncharitable given the huge amount of money spent on remodelling, including a $1billion Chinese loan for such purpose.
According to him, “We are aware that over N400 billion was appropriated by this House for the remodelling of airports to international standard.
“But it is surprising to hear that despite the huge investment made to remodel these airports, we still have some of the worst airports in the world according to the survey.
“Notable among these death traps of airports are the Enugu International Airport, Port Harcourt Airport and the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.
“Another eye sore in the list of the worst airports is our own Murtala Mohammed International Airport which is the gateway to the commercial hub of this country.
“Over the last five years, over N400 billion was appropriated for the expansion, modernisation and management of our 17 domestic and five international airports.
“With the whopping funds injected into the airport upgrade project, rather than turn out to be symbols of national pride, they have become objects of condemnation.”
In his reaction, Hon. Nnanna Igbokwe said if the country’s key airports were being downgraded by international observers and technical team, then it should be a thing of concern for them.
The motion was subsequently referred to the Committee on Aviation for further legislative action.
The committee has two weeks to submit its report.

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