HOUSE of Representatives is to probe
the ministry of defence over alleged
fraud in a United Nations hospital
Its committees on defence, army and
public procurement is to investigate
alleged shady deals in the award of
a hospital project financed by the
United Nations, UN, for the ministry
of defence.
The committee is to “carry out a
comprehensive investigation” on the
alleged scam, and report to plenary in
two weeks.
The resolution followed a motion
sponsored by Tajudeen Yusuf (PDP,
Kogi) under matters of urgent national importance.
Yusuf disclosed that top
government officials in the ministry
were fingered in the shady deals.
“Top ministry officials were
allegedly involved in contract scam”,
citing wide media publications of
duplication, misappropriation and
mismanagement of the contract
worth several millions of naira.’’
The lawmaker explained that
the contract for the relocation and
refurbishing of Level 2 Hospital
under the UN multidimensional
integrated stabilization mission in
Mali, funded by the UN and awarded
to countries that contribute troops
to global peace missions, was full of
alleged breaches.
“In a desperate bid to cover its
tracks, the ministry of sefence
in February allegedly awarded
the contract for the relation and
refurbishing of the hospital
to a contractor who had zero
experience in installation of level
two hospitals”, adding that apart
from awarding the contract in the
name of another firm after getting
presidential approval, the ministry
also flouted guidelines of the BPP.
“As a consequence for not meeting
the UN’s August deadline for the
relocation of the hospital, Nigeria has
been asked to withdraw its remaining
contingent to the UN African Mission
in Darfur”, he stated.
According to him, the alleged shady
deals by top officials of the ministry
has cost the country the deployment
of level two hospital which usually
carries out limited surgeries on
officers and men on military duties,
to Rwanda as directed by the UN.
He said while countries like
Bangledesh, Ghana, and Senegal
with fewer troops-contribution
to UN missions are earning huge
foreign exchange, Nigeria with
one of the highest contingent
was not only losing money, but
axed from participating in the
peace keeping mission, as well
as losing its position of global
troops contribution rating from
five to nine, and from one to five
in Africa.

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