A member of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Dennis Amadi, has disclosed that the National Assembly will streamline the controversial N3.8illiobn capital allocation to Aso Rock Clinic in the 2016 budget proposal, now being debated by the National Assembly.
The N3.8billon capital allocation to Aso Rock Clinic has become a subject of controversy, but Amadi (PDP-Enugu) explained that there was nothing to worry over the proposed allocation, especially now that it had been detected.
The lawmaker commended Nigerians, who he said had shown vigilance on the workings of both the National Assembly and the Executive.
Amadi noted that both chambers of the National Assembly had started budget defence with the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs and assured that every the proposed budget would be looked into critically.
According to him, “The executive has just proposed the budget for Aso Rock Clinic, but it is not a casting stone; it is a good observation by Nigerians that the figure is at variance with those of teaching hospitals that we have a lot of Nigerians attending, but what I think we will do at the end of the day is to streamline them because it is just a proposal that has not been approved or appropriated; it is a projection.
“If they want to throw the Aso Rock Clinic open to the public that is their issue, but the main fact is that I am sure we are going to streamline that figure to fall in line to areas where money is needed to address the critical needs of Nigerians. So we will do something about it and in consonance with the President,” he promised.
Amadi noted that his committee on appropriation was aware of the “interactive” oversight functions of the 8th Assembly and so would ensure that the MDAs will implement the budget to the later.
“You have seen the body language of the Presidency, which is the executive, trying to ensure that at this time of economic crunch we have a realistic budget and we will, through various committees, ensure that the implementation of the budget by the MDAs is done to an excellent level.
On the issue of cars for members of the Assembly, Amadi said, “It is important for our legislative functions.
“We are legislators and we have operated for about eight months and some don’t have regular means of transportation and there are both ad hoc and standing committees and these jobs take you most of the time to late hours of the day and you are carrying sensitive and classified government documents and it is not something to be jumping around with taxi.
“They are kept within the periphery of the consciousness of an individual and that requires vehicles.
“There is no big deal about the vehicles. When you go to the ministries, you see a Director-General, directors and assistant directors and they have convoys, including security. A House of Representatives member by government ranking is equivalent of minister of state”

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