RESIDENTS of Dzev kindred
in Kwande Local Government
Area of Benue State have
started fleeing their homes
over the killing of a 45 year-old
man, Mr. Michael Iormbaamo
Iorchir, by suspected criminals
from Mbaaikyaa kindred, also
in Kwande Local Government
Nigerian Pilot gathered that
Iorchir was last Wednesday,
around 7am, abducted from his
house located close to the border
between the two kindred by a
group of young men suspected
to be from Mbakyaa district to
an unknown distinction.
His body was found in the
late evening of the same day by
a search party close to Mbakyaa
Worried by the development,
Chairman of the Local
Government Council, Mr.
Terdoo Nyor Kenti, has called
for the immediate arrest of those
suspected to be responsible for
the killing.
Kenti gave the directive
during a peace meeting
in collaboration with the
President General, Shangevya
Development Association,
SHADA, held in Adikpo.
The council chairman also
asked those that have farms
and are presently farming in
the forest reserve located at
the Dzev district to vacate
the area without delay, even
as he ordered those building
structures in it to also leave.
A former Supervisory
Councilor in Kwande, Akuha
Shimaibo, who hails from
Mbakyaa district, said he
knows those behind the
heinous killing and pledged to
volunteer information to the
police for their arrest.
Another illustrious son of
Shangev-Ya District, Professor
Daniel Denga, frowned at the
incessant clash on the said spot
and called on the chairman
and security agents to get the
perpetrators of the heinous act
through the former councilor
in the area.
However, giving information
to the meeting, one of the forest
guards who could not disclose
his name said the people of
Mbaikyaa are the ones that
have been encroaching into
the reserved forest, stating that
they have made several arrests
and had handed over to the late
district head, Iyon Ityochevir.
Also in a remark, Engr
Tertsua Yakwam blamed the
Divisional Police Officer of
Kwande Local Council for not
being proactive.
“Our expectations were for
the DPO to save our brother.
We also wish he had arrested
the perpetrators of the crime
but up till this moment, six
days after, no arrest has been
made. So, what are we talking
about,” Yakwan stated.
Rev. Shangevde Azongo
wondered how the DPO knew
about the death of their son
before them and called on the
people to criminalise the issue
to punish the actors of the
deadly act

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