PEOPLE LIVING in  Obasanjo Estate and Fayose Estate located along Ado-Ikere way have condemned the alleged destruction of their farmlands by bulldozers mobilized by the Ekiti State Housing Corporation. They  condemned the destruction  of their  farms by the corporation officials claiming to be acting on the orders of Governor Ayo Fayose “without any prior notice” last Friday. One of the residents said seven workmen from the corporation including a surveyor destroyed crops including yams, cassava and maize planted on the farms. The source said corporation’s General Manager, Babasoji Awe visited the place Saturday morning saying he was acting in line with the governor’s instruction. Debunking the claims  on the development, Housing Corporation boss, Babasoji  Awe said the housing estates were not meant for farming but the  residents farming on the land did not get the agency’s permission to carry out the exercise. He said  the exercise was carried out “in the  overall public interest,” Awe said the action was without  malice or to witch-hunt residents. He maintained that the action had no political undertone. Some mobile policemen residing in nearby Fayose Estate whose farms were destroyed during the exercise,  said they were ready  for a showdown with the state government threatening to henceforth shoot any Housing official seen on their farms. The policemen said the Housing officials were lucky not to have meet them at home at the time the exercise was carried out. About 20 policemen lost their farms to the exercise.