Christians leaders under the auspices of Christians Advocates of Nigeria, CAON, have called on Nigerian Christians to kick against attempts by the federal government to Islamize Nigeria, stressing that joining Islamic States Coalition, ISC, is irrelevant because Nigeria is a multi-religion country.
A statement issued in Abuja by the President of CAON, Bishop Sado Henry, expressed the concern of the Christian religious body over the gradual, systematic and deliberate scheming towards the total Islamization of Nigeria by the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led federal government.
Bishop Henry, an erstwhile President of the Youth Wing of Christians Association of Nigerian, YOWICAN, said since Buhari emerged president, many religious leaders and other concerned Nigerians have expressed fears over the president’s secret moves to realise his desires to Islamize Nigeria.
“Our Organization finds it difficult to continue to listen and believe those denying the allegation when the hand writing is so clear now than ever.
“The recent signing of the pact to make Nigeria a member of the Islamic Military Alliance to combat Terrorism all over the Islamic world led by the Saudi Arabia Government was a clear move , beside the fact that the President himself traveled to Saudi Arabia to sign the pact without a prior knowledge of the National Assembly members.
“Our organization is convinced that President’s plan to Islamize Nigeria has come to bear. While his stooges continue with their work of denial, he had betray them by taking every step to confirm his plans.
“We are not unaware that there are political apologies who believe that everything the Buhari led government does is always right, hence they will always rise to his defense. They have argued that former President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, was the first President to attend the OIC meeting hence Buhari’s registering Nigeria among the Islamic States is right and welcomed,” he said.
Bishop Henry listed questions beckoning for answers from the President which includes; Is Nigeria an Islamic State? If No, how then will Nigeria be a member of an Islamic States Coalition? But if Yes, what then is the status of Section 10 and other relevant Sections of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution that provide for the Nigeria freedom of religion?
“We have read on national dailies the President’s challenge to the Nigerian Christians who are opposed to the registration to go and fight Boko Haram instead, as if his islamisation plan was instigated by the Christians inability to fight Boko Haram.
“We want to state that we are ready to face the Boko Haram bear handed as has always been the case with the poor Nigerians living in the region. The President’s statement is a confirmation that he has lost hope in the Nigerian Army and all the military coalitions Nigeria genuinely got involved with which is being funded with lots of Nigerian tax payers money. Will Mr. President be willing to go into coalition with the nation of Israel to fight terrorism?
“It is not long that Nigerian got the news of the Buhari’s led government plans to use Islamic Bond to fund the 2016 Budget. These ideas are supported with the claims that Nigerians are being helped to Change for better. If everything that will bring false and immediate relief to Nigerian is a component of Change then may we ask Mr. President; why are we emphasising the patronage of Nigerian product against the cheaper foreign goods and services?” he said.
He also stated that there was no need for the federal government to close border against foreign goods and services, because for instant the foreign frozen chickens are cheaper, the foreign fairly used vehicles are cheaper, foreign life is even cheaper.
“We call on President Buhari to know that he has a covenant with God and Nigerians to lead in line with the provisions of our laws. He must be fair in dealing with Nigerians regardless of their religious affiliations. The positions of our laws are very explicit in respect of discrimination. The President should not use threat to coarse Nigerians to swallow the Islamisation pills.
“We call on Christian leaders in President Mohammadu Buhari’s government to open their eyes wider and be sensitive to the programmed Islamisation of the Nation less they claim ignorance when the deed is done,” he said.

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