group, Human Rights Writers
Association Of Nigeria,
HURIWA, yesterday called
on President Muhammadu to
personally see to the quickest
resolution of the near-intractable
reasons for the ongoing industrial
actions in the tertiary educational
institutions and the public health
In a press statement by the
National Coordinator Comrade
Emmanuel Onwubiko and the
National Media Affairs Director
Miss Zainab Yusuf, HURIWA
emphasized that as a person
who by age can be considered a
consummate statesman ought to
show more than passive interest
in bringing about functional
and an effective educational and
health sectors.
HURIWA affirmed that the
current president has since
December 31st 1982 as a military
officer who took over power from
the then ruling National Party of
Nigeria under President ShehuShagari, had adduced reasons for
that intervention to be the collapse
of the critical educational and
health sectors.
“It is therefore a notorious
fact that the current President,
under the garb of a civilian and
democratically elected President,
ought to be in a vantage position
to thoroughly confront the
developmental and industrial and
trade union related issues like an
experienced and well fortified
They, however, lamented that
even after the current president
had won political office and
sworn in for over two years, his
administration has not prioritized
the educational and health sectors
which formed the basis for his
involvement in the taking over of
the democratic space even as the
then military general which in any
event remained unconstitutional.
The Rights group said most
persons have raised rational and
empirically justifiable concern
that Mr. President has continued
to patronise foreign health
and educational services and
institutions for his own benefit
and that of his offspring (just like
99% of all political office holders)
thereby occasioning critical
question around the issues of the
genuineness of his government’s
public healthcare and educational

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policies and programmes targeted
at benefiting the end- users who
are mostly the poorest of the poor
in the society.
Besides, the Rights group
reminded president Buhari that
the fact that most of his children
just like children of top political
office holders have undergone
and are undergoing academic
pursuits in foreign jurisdictions,
must have compelled a lot of
critical thinkers to believe that the
current administration may not
be in a hurry to once and for all
pursue vigorously the existential
and man-made crises tearing apart
the fabrics of the educational and
health sectors of Nigeria.
“We humbly urge president
Buhari to be a statesman in the real
sense of it by directing the quickest
resolution of all outstanding issues
afflicting the collapsing national
health and educational sectors.
Resident and public healthcare
providers and members of the
Academic Staff Union deserve to
operate in conducive environment
so that they can provide qualitative
services to Nigerians at all times.
“We do also expect the medical
and academic practitioners to
pursue other mechanisms of
resolving trade and professional
unions’ related crises than often
resorting to total clampdown on
academic and healthcare services
which adversely endangers the
health and academic wellbeing of
ordinary citizens.
“Mr. president should personally
oversee the resolution of these
critical national issues because
Nigerians are already insinuating
that it is because president Buhari
enjoys publicly sponsored health
tourism in foreign jurisdiction
and children of all the political
elite school abroad, therefore the
wellbeing, welfare and standards
of public health and educational
sectors may collapse and are not the
urgent interest of national political
HURIWA said the central
government must wake up and fix
the collapsing public health and
educational institutions since the
primary duty constitutionally of
government at all levels is to provide
security and welfare to the citizenry.
HURIWA affirmed that in both
chapters two and four of the
constitution, the president is under
a binding legal obligation to ensure
functional and effective public
healthcare and educational sectors
because the collapse of these vital
sectors renders the government
The group reminded president
Buhari that the denial of effective
and functional health sector which
subjects the lives of over 160
million absolutely poor Nigerians
to avoidable risks, amounts to
a clear breach of section 34(1)
(a) which states thus : “Every
Individual is entitled to respect
for the dignity of his person,and
accordingly, no person Shall be
subjected to torture or to inhuman
or degrading treatment”.
They said the the gradual
collapse and deterioration of
public educational and heathcare
services amounted to denial
of human dignity and torture
since millions of Nigerians are
already dying in instalment
from treatable ailments and due
to poverty they can’t all afford
foreign health tourism like the
political actors who misapply
public fund to treat themselves
and their Children and the lack
of educational rights renders
the citizenry as members of
the human race denied of their
inherent rights to human dignity.
HURIWA cited section 17 (1)
(b) which states thus: “(b) the
sanctity of the human person
shall be recognized and human
dignity shall be maintained and
Also, the Rights group cited
section 18(1) which averred thus:
“18. (1) Government shall direct
its policy towards ensuring that
there are equal and adequate
educational opportunities at all

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