Chairman of the
Restoration Part, RP, Nsehe
Nseobong, has declared that
the newly registered political
party was floated with the
main aim of preparing and
projecting the Nigerian
youths towards the 2019
general and subsequent
elections in the country.
Saying that the forthcoming
political dispensation was a
time for the youths to arise
and take their mandate as
hope of Nigeria, Nseobong
averred that RP, which he
said had no political father
or sponsor among the past or
present leaders, would make
sure that the bleak atmosphere
by one Mr. Mike Omotosho who
claimed to be the National Chairman
of the party.
“Mr. Mike Omotosho was once the
Guber candidate of the party in Kwara
state who was dismissed for anti-party
activities; he later returned back to his
former party the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) after the 2015 general
“This will be our last press
statement on this issue because, for
the avoidance of doubt, the National
Chairman of Labour Party is Alhaji
Abdulkadir Abdulsalam who was
elected at our National Convention on
the 11th October, 2014 in Ondo State.
Please kindly disregard any purported
claims by the imposter who has set out
with members of his co-hort to deceive
and mislead members of the public for
covering the Nigerian political
space was cleared with the
youths taking over the mantle
of leadership.
“Let all the youths arise and
take up the challenges,” he said.
“Key is for the restoration
of the country’s economy and
security; most importantly,
to restore quality of Nigerian
currency, the Naira. As for some
time now our currency has fallen
below Nigerians’ expectation.
Youths have suffered so much
and we continue folding our
hands hoping one day that God
will help us, hence God cannot
come down and help the youths.
That is why we have decided
to come together to move the
country forward.
“My advice to the youth is to come out en mass
and register and obtain
their PVCs, as that is
the integral part of the
restoration,” he added.
He also urged the
youths both in rural and
urban areas to shun the
temptation of “receiving
of N500 to vote old
men that cannot even
remember their ages
The Restoration Party,
RP, is one of the 21
political parties recently
registered by the
Independent National
Electoral Commission,

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