After National Sports Commission, NSC declared that her contract has expired, obviously angry High Performance Director Angie Taylor has predicted that Team Nigeria could record another disastrous outing at the 2016 Olympics Games scheduled for Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Taylor who spoke in Abuja maintained that no proactive step is being taken by NSC leadership to avert a fresh no-medal show during next year’s most glamorous sporting showpiece.
The American who speaking after she was told that her $16, 667 monthly contract has expired and no new offer will be made further accused country’s Sports Commission of terminating her contract before the expiration.
“I don’t know where the news that my contract has expired is coming from. We, that is Mr. Eric Campbell and I signed a two-year contract by the end of 2013 which actually started running in 2014. So in essence, the contract is meant to expire early next year.
Talking about her claims that Team Nigeria are yet to show seriousness in getting medals in 2016 Olympics, Taylor added “You go and ask the leadership how prepared they are because with what I can see, there is no preparation in place.
“Nigeria will have to qualify first before talking about going to the Olympics. You have to ask them why they couldn’t make the athletes go for qualifiers which they ought to go since early this year.”
While Taylor was detailed to be in charge of martial arts sports including Weightlifting, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Campbell took charge of athletics events.
And after barely two years, Stakeholders are of the view that little or no nothing could be felt of their impact.
The two Americans, An­gie Taylor and Eric Camp­bell, were employed as high performance director and athletics director respec­tively by the NSC and paid 15 months’ salary before the completion of the high performances building in Abuja.
And the sum of over N136 million was wasted as salaries on two Americans, who were employed by the former NSC DG, Gbenga Elegbeleye and former min­ister of Sports, Bolaji Ab­dulahi as directors at the High Performance Centre. It was gathered that whereas the centre was yet to com­mence operation, 21months after their appointment, the two foreign directors were receiving salaries from the ministry of sports.
The disclosure made by incumbent NSC Director General further revealed that the payment of $16, 667 and $12, 500 dollars respective­ly per month were paid as salaries to Angie Taylor and Eric Campbell. However, no mention was made of the millions of Naira the duo might have cost the nation as Hotel accommodation bills as well as other privi­leges in the twenty-one months they stayed in the country.
According to Yakmut, “If you translate those dol­lars into the local currency, you will understand that it would be enough to fund school sports. The High per­formance was developed on paper, but recruitment was the first thing they did in­stead of the establishment of the centre. You do not em­ploy teaches before a school is built. So if we are proac­tive in the recruitment, why should we not be proactive in the resumption?
“Because the capital investment in the system should start the very day the employee com­mences duty. But we had these people on ground for 15 months and they started active operations only six months ago and the contract expired last week, even as the High Performance Cen­tre has not been established and the equipment have not been installed because they are under technological time frame.”

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