Delectable actress,
Jumoke Odetola is one of
the Nollywood screen divas
who got nominated for the
forthcoming African Magic
Viewers Choice Awards,
Jumoke, who scooped the
‘Next Rated Award’ at the
2015 edition of the annual
TUSH Awards, is known
for her characteristic role in
English and Yoruba speaking
With Nollywood flicks such
as ‘Victims,’ ‘Freezing Point,’
‘Binta Ofege,’ ‘Family Ties’
among several others to her
name, in a recent chat, Jumoke
bares her mind on certain
industry issues most notably
the current trend on beef and
According to her, envy,
jealousy and rivalry are a
psychological boost for the
creative industry to be at
its best, “under psychology
and cognitive behavioural
therapies, we have positive
and negative emotions. Envy,
jealousy and rivalry could
either be positive or negative.
Envy can be beneficial when
its healthy, it enables you
to become aware of what
you want. It can provoke
aspirations, motivation and
goal setting. For example, the
world’s greatest footballers,
Messi and C. Ronaldo may not
have pushed themselves to
their best limits if the rivalry
was not there. The same
applies with two of the best
faces in Nollywood, Omotola
and Genevieve. I tagged
their rivalries as healthy
because they have nurtured
it professionally thereby
achieving the greatest heights
any actress would dream of.”

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