Labon Bodo, a traditional ruler of Bodo city in Gokana, Rivers State, Chief Monday Lucky Koote has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase over an alleged criminal conspiracy, intimidation, attempted murder and threat to his life by one Boy Akpee Nomte and 4 others.
Accordingly, the monarch is asking the IGP to intervene and ensure proper investigation and necessary action in the interest of justice.
Chief Koote, through his lawyer, Mr. P.H. Kyelek, is asking the police chief to investigate, apprehend and possibly prosecute the suspects in order to maintain law and order, as well as protect lives and property.
A petition obtained by Nigerian Pilot, dated January 29, and received by the department of finance and admin of the Force headquarters, Abuja on February 8, and signed by P.H. Kyelek on behalf of the complainant, revealed that Boy Akpee Nomte, Barisi Kootee, Michale Kootee, Pius Tanu and others, all of Kpalator village, Bodo city in Gakana LGA had in September 2014, disrupted a gathering and fired several gun shots directed at him (Chief Koote) in a bid to either injure/main or kill him and disperse the gathering.
Part of the petition reads: “The suspects did not stop at attempting to main and kill the complainant, they equally proceeded and attacked other persons who were responsible for fixing and arranging the venue of the gathering. Such persons received serious beatings resulting to various degrees of injuries to Mr. Tombari Kpeemu, Barifulbel Baraol and other persons.

“After meting out the foregoing on the complainant and other persons, the suspects in further effectuation of their criminal tendencies, precisely on October 20, 2015 armed with dangerous weapons including guns, bottles and machetes, violently attacked and succeeded in chasing away the complainant’s family members comprising of Chief Monday Kote, James Kote and Tomabri Kpemu, who came to the ancestral home of Kpalator to perform ancestral rites to appease the gods for good harvest. The attack occasioned by the suspects resulted in the stabbing of Mr. Wisdom Kote, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.”
The petitioner said the suspects have consistently boasted that no authority can stop or prevent them from embarking on what he described as ‘their nefarious, illegal and unlawful action’, and are now determined to uproot and chase away members of his (complainant’s) family from their ancestral home and take over their land with cheer violence or brute force.
The petition said, as a result of the foregoing, members of the complainant’s family are leaving with fear and apprehension for their lives and property, which are no longer safe following the threats of the suspects and their capacity to carry out the threats.
The complainant recalled in the petition that the Rivers State High Court had on October 25, 2007, delivered a judgment against Boy Akpee Nomte, granting an order of perpetual injunction restraining the defendant (Boy Akpee Nomte) by himself or his agent from occupying the plaintiff’s (complainant’s) father’s land or compound and to desist from occupying the premises in the area known as Kpalator in Bodo city and from further alienating the plaintiff’s land and or any other property belonging to plaintiff’s father’s land to any person(s).
The petition said, sequel to the said judgment, Boy Akpee Nomte, lodged a motion for extension of time to appeal against the judgment and that the motion was subsequently struck out on September 13, 2010.
When Nigerian Pilot contacted the IGP, he said he has since ordered the arrest of the prime suspect, Boy Akpee Nomte.