The bestiality, foolery, buffoonery that has characterized the actions of
Governor Nyesom Wike and Minister of Transport, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi in
the Rivers state re-run is simply a contest of ego measurement. The womb of
destruction in that state is therefore a function of the delusionary
objectives of the two gladiators, which sadly is not people based but
selfish, vindictive and asinine.

As usual, the human collateral damage cannot be avoided. The slow but
growing turnover of human lives for a “mere” re-run only shows how
desperate politicians can be and how gullible some electorates can go on
errands for their paymasters. While the innocent or sometime apolitical
victims are taken in their prime, followers of this two ego-measuring
gladiators must realize that they are the puns in some macabre political
chess game.

Interestingly, this is the first time in the past 17 years Rivers state
will be divided along party lines. The state has always been a one party
state with uniformity of votes once candidates are selected by an
established godfather. It is even believed that despite the irregularities,
human carnage that has marred elections in the state since 2015 general
election to the re-run, it is adjudged the best when measured against
actual votes cast and the decision of the people to ensure that their votes
are counted.

Nigerians however have conflicting views in the Rivers debacle. Some blame
it on Buhari, some on the ruling party the All Progressive Congress (APC),
some on one or all the gladiators, some on INEC, some on the Peoples
Democratic Party. While every Nigerian has the right to place blame
wherever, it is important to exclude the president out of the entire fiasco
if the crisis in Rivers state must avoid the trappings of wailing, wailers
and hailing, hailers.

What makes the battle ground in Rivers state a deadly razor edge dance is
the quantum of firearms, propensity to spill blood and level of competence
of the two gladiators in manipulating results during elections. We must not
for one second forget that Amaechi and Wike have student, lecturer
relationship from an institution established on impunity. Their core
subject is political brigandage, criminal rascality with electives in
killing, maiming and arson.

The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has played it well in the
volatile elections in Rivers state. Declaring results of some areas
inconclusive was indeed in the best interest of all. Reading the results as
they came in was indeed bravery of the highest order. INEC has refused to
shift result in favor of a political party of their choice, hence allowing
all the stakeholders to slog it out in supplementary. In the not too
distant past, the PDP government would have done differently.

Nobody is calling on the ruling party to awaken the monster of denying
Nigerians their votes, and that is the reason why those chiding INEC must
see the good in each instance elections are declared inconclusive. After
all, INEC isn’t responsible for the unnecessary violence that usually
characterize the “do-or-die” election mantra of Nigerian politicians.

For Amaechi and Wike, this election is indeed worth dying for. As earlier
mentioned, ego is a prime motivating factor. But protection of political
interest is also another factor. For Amaechi, getting all the NASS members
on his leash will help diminish the political influence and sometime
affluence of the incumbent governor. For Wike, he has to protect his
territory. He must prevent a single APC politician from getting to the
coveted legislative position. he is aware of the repercussion once his
party the PDP loses out of the on going saber-rattling.

With the “looming” supplementary, there is no telling what would happen to
the hapless Rivers people and the hired political thugs. With the amount of
weapons in the hands of the wrong people in that state, it is indeed
expected that supplementary for eight (8) local governments might be the
match that would ignite cyclical killings in that state. The worst violence
is that which exists between people in a defined social political
environment. They know themselves and can predict themselves, hence
guerrilla attacks, kidnappings will become a trend.

Buhari might just be the solution to the dance of desperation going on
between Amaechi and Wike. Once the two gladiators are charged with
liability of any unruly conduct along party lines, they will adjust a bit.
For now, they act like untamed horses charging in different directions
trying to claim political territory with human lives as bargaining chip.

A clarion call goes to youths of Rivers states, nah, Nigeria youths. It is
time Nigerian youths understand that they are not mere tools in the hands
of politicians. It is time they realize they are future of Nigeria’s human
capital. Their paymasters have rubbed them of education, denied them of
social amenities, only to present them with stipends barely enough to buy
them more than a meal.

It is time for Nigerian youths to understand that while they fight for
their self-based political masters, children of these prebendal politicians
are taking up juicy jobs, groomed to take over from their parents. While
the circle for the politicians is an emerging monarchical democracy where
fathers bequeath the political assets to their children and children,
children, the thugs used for violence are programmed as expendables and
their children left in despondency only to toe the lines of their fathers.

The carnage in Rivers state must stop. Humanity has stooped like a beast
devouring every ounce of civility. Nigeria has transcended beyond this type
of politicking. Humanity is far more superior to bestiality. While every
other factor is consistent with the high rate of madness in that place,
this is the time we must stand up against politics of violence, politics of

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