Residents of Obibi Community in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, on Monday discovered about eight lifeless bodies of young men in a burrow pit at the outskirts of the community.
Obibi community has been under the control of a suspected cult group known as Deygbam since 2014, which made most residents to abandon their homes and seek refuge in nearby communities.
Nigerian Pilot gathered that residents of neighbouring communities, who woke up to find the lifeless bodies dumped in the burrow pit located in the boundary between Agbalu and Umuokom villages, all in Obibi community, were at a loss as to who carried out the killings.
While some believe it was either men of the Nigerian Army or the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, of the Nigerian Police, others pointed accusing fingers at members of the Deygbam cult group.
A resident of one of the communities who spoke with Nigerian Pilot said they woke up on Monday morning to discover the bodies in the pit.
“We woke up on Monday morning and saw eight bodies littered between Agbalu community and Umukom community, all in Etche Local Government Area. I mean dead bodies of eight young men.
“Nobody knows the source of their killing but some people are saying it is the soldiers who are combing the communities in search of cultists that shot the young men and killed them. Some also believe that it is the men of SARS who shot them.
“Others are saying that it may be a reprisal attack from rival cult groups. You know, in that area, the Deygbam cult group has always been having their way in operating, killing people. As we speak now, the community called Umuokom, where the burrow pit where they dumped the dead bodies is located, is like a ghost town.
“The burrow pit is in the boundary between Umuokom and Agbalu. Umuokom community was sacked two years ago by Deygbam cult group and as I speak with you, nobody is in that community. Obibi community as a whole, nobody is resident in that community because of the activities of Deygbam cult group.
“As we speak now, nobody can claim that it is this people or that people that carried out the killings. But we know that this period, the Deygbam group has been causing havoc in those areas.”
When contacted, the deputy director, Army Public Relations, 2 Brigade, Port Harcourt, Captain Eli Lazarus denied the involvement of soldiers in the killings, saying the Nigerian Army had no troops deployed in any community in Etche.
Lazarus said, “We do not have troops in Etche Local Government Council; so there is no how we can be involved in any killings there. The issue is that a lot of people use some of our uniforms to commit a lot of havoc and at the end, allegations are levelled against us.”
However, efforts to get the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, in the state, Ahmad Kidaya Muhammad, on the incident proved abortive as he neither replied text messages sent to him, nor returned telephone calls made to him.
It would be recalled that a lot of headless bodies were discovered in most flash point communities in Rivers State prior to the March 19 rerun elections.

  • emmanuel

    This the new rivers stste we found ourselves. It was our fear when this government suddenly thru back door became the one in power in rivers state. Sudden evil activities of cult groups secretly backed by this govt. By their fruit we know them. We knew it was coming it would be like this. He it is. If it was like this in the eight years of last administration, I would have moved out of this state. I can’t raise my children where the are terrorized by cult groups backed by govt in the state.