RIVERS State Waste Management Agency, RIWAMA, has expressed dissatisfaction over the non compliance of some service providers to the appeal to take their job more seriously. The Agency made this known yesterday, in a statement from the office of the Sole Administrator, Brother Felix Obuah, who observed that the worst offenders were the service providers in charge of Rumuibekwe zone of Port Harcourt, stressing that it might be compelled to invoke all the relevant laws of the agency, regarding the operations of the service providers. The Sole Administrator, Brother Obuah wondered why the contractors found it difficult to take advantage of the free hand offered them by the Agency to do the right things at the right time. According to him, ;if they show commitment to their job and keep to the prescribed time of evacuating the accumulated wastes, the ugly sites and resurgence of refuse heaps noticed in some parts of the State capital will not be there.” He expressed displeasure that the efforts and huge government’s revenue being invested in some of the service providers to keep all the nooks and crannies of the state clean were yet to yield corresponding and expected results on the environment. The Sole Administrator emphasised that the only way to appreciate and encourage Governor Nyesom Wike for the passion he has for a healthy environment in the state, and the huge resources being committed into the project was to do the needful and let wastes be a very scarce commodity in the state. “This can only be achieved, if the service providers should do away with laxity in their assignments and for the populace to discharge their wastes at the designated spots within the specified time frame,” the RIWAMA boss added. Brother Obuah further reminded the general public that the wastes and discharges they generated ought to be paid for, according to the laws establishing the Agency, but that the government did that on their behalf. “The only way he said, to reciprocate this kind gesture is to adhere to, and take the instructions of the Agency on environmental sanitation seriously.” Brother Obuah however gave kudos to those service providers, who had demonstrated commitment and seriousness with their jobs, urging them to continue to be exemplary for others to learn from. “There is always a reward for hard work, commitment and excellence,” the Sole Administrator noted.