Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola has explained that the rehabilitation and upgrade of the 2km Wempco Road in Ogba area of the state was the government’s response to the problem of flooding on the road.
Speaking at the road inauguration, Fashola said that the road was also upgraded to a dual carriage way to solve the problem of gridlock experienced by users.
The governor explained that before government’s intervention, the road was always flooded whenever it rained, resulting in chaotic traffic situation.
Fashola said with the handing over of the road, which was delivered with expanded drainage system, the issue of flooding is gone forever.
“We rebuilt the road to solve two problems; a flooding problem which required us to construct very massive underground drainages that are almost two metres wide and deep.
“Also, it will solve a congestion problem at peak period when people are returning home. With the handing over of this road, these problems are over,’’ he said.
The governor said the road was built to last for 25 years and advised residents and users against acts that could undermine its durability.
“This road was built with your taxes. Anybody who attacks this road attacks your prosperity, so you must rise to defend it.
“The contractors have told us that with regular maintenance, this road should serve you for the next 25 years at the minimum.
“Now, let me be clear that the sidewalks and setbacks here are not trading posts; they are not mechanic workshops, so restrict your trading activities to the market provided down there. Do not cut the road to lay cables or pipes because you do not need it. If you have to do anything, contact us and we will see if we can get it done. So I urge you to use the road wisely, so that it can serve its purpose,” he said.
Fashola said the government has been busy in the area with the construction of a Transfer Loading Station to enhance efficient management of refuse in the state.
According to him, the government also inaugurated the Anthony Enahoro Housing Estate in the area to boost housing.
The governor said the various projects showed how the government was utilising taxes paid by residents, explaining that more would be achieved if more residents complied.

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