Every woman wants to be loved. It’s natural to them being as the opinion is ‘bundle of emotion’. And whether you realise it or not, certain things are indeed inevitable if you must win over the heart of a woman. There are clearly lists of things lovebirds must do to secure the heart of a woman. In fact, desirables that guys do that absolutely drive girls crazy — in a good way.
It’s not gainsaying every ‘soft tissue’ likes attention, wants to be treated tenderly, special and precious. Nature makes them so and for one to win them over and indeed keep their hearts securely locked in, then a prospective lover must of necessity work at those things a woman craves, those things that make their heart prey to your advances.
Though everyday nuances can appear like grand gestures to us, and although you might not be aware, however, if you go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back if you find yourself doing any of these little things — chances are, your lady has already taken notice.
Open the door for her
Yes, one realize this is a long-honoured and commonly recognized act of respect. Forget that they say African men don’t do this for their women. No, that will be living in a by-gone era because modernity has broken some of these so-called taboos and we enjoy adapting to the new approaches in every sphere of life.
However, you might be surprised at just how overlooked this simple gesture has become. As a relationship progresses and you become more comfortable with a person, it’s easy to let little things like this slip. But trust this, your stepping ahead of her to open the door, rather than walking in first and simply holding the door behind you, will remind her that you really do respect her and want to make her feel special.
Pick up the tab
This seems dedicate especially in situations where your lady has a deeper financial pocket than you. Well, please note that no matter how independent a girl is, being a woman makes her somewhat dependent on you the man, who should ideally takes charge, wins the bread and provide for her.
Old fashion! Yes, it seems but it remains a major determining factor in her perception of your manliness, the prospects of your playing your role as a provider and caring husband are wrapped up in this. So, such seemingly simple gesture is always greatly appreciated.
No, some women would rather pick the bills than allow you to assume that responsibility where it is not compulsory. It makes her feel independent, especially those career women whose orientation as leaders and motivators is always factored into everything that they apply themselves to, including romantic experiences.
However, one is not saying that you should always be expected to pay throughout the course of a relationship, but picking up the check – whether she offers to split it or not – will remind a girl that you can take care of her. It makes her feel that you’re financially stable, even when it is obvious you are not. It gives the impression that given the cash you won’t mindlessly depend on her or shift your responsibility. It makes you the man and she the woman who needs a shoulder to lean on, even if she possess a broad shoulder of her own.
Offer to drive
Girls love it when guys automatically assume they will be driving. Experiences here in Abuja and elsewhere show that even girls, who enjoy driving, prefer being driven around town by their guys. It is yet another way of taking charge and letting them relax in your company, it allows them to watch as you conduct things even behind the wheel.
Besides, the fact that it gives a girl a break from the actual task of driving, a guy who prefers to drive shows he takes initiative. Not to mention, most guys like to know a girl feels comfortable in his presence – after all, you are trusting him with your life.
A girl said this, “I’ve refused to get into the car with a few questionable drivers throughout my life, so the fact that a girl is willing to hop into your whip is more telling than you might think.” Further, even if the girl happens to be driving, jump out before she has a chance to and pump the gas. You’ll score major consideration points.
Be aware of her actions and feelings in public
While this should go without saying, sometimes, especially after two people have become comfortable with one another, it might be too easy to put her feelings on the back burner. Don’t let yourself become lazy and think just because you’ve established yourselves as a couple that all romance and consideration go out the window.
The reality is, we notice more than you probably realize. If you’re sitting with a group of friends and your girl gets stuck on the end bar stool next to a creepy guy, switch seats with her without making it a big deal. She will be grateful that you’ve picked up on her discomfort and made an effort to make her happy.
Remind her that you feel lucky to have her
As ugly as it is, jealousy is a real emotion that many people feel at some point in a relationship. Whether you and your girlfriend have always struggled with jealousy issues, or you’re dating the coolest, most laid-back girl ever, being conscious of this reality will help make for a more honest relationship.
If you’re at a party and have struck up a great conversation with another girl, a simple gesture, like putting your arm around your girlfriend’s waist when she walks up to join you, goes an incredibly long way.
Do chores without being asked
Even if you don’t live together, but you spend time at your girlfriend’s house, simple chores to help out around her place will definitely not go unnoticed. Next time you go to toss something in the trash and it’s full, take it out when you leave. Notice that she has a light out that needs changing? Make use of that height of yours and do it for her. Though she’s fully capable of doing little things around the house herself, it speaks volumes that you care enough to help her out from time to time.
Make plans and follow through
This should be common sense, though plans fall through the cracks all the time. If you mention doing something with a girl, actually make it happen. The prospect of seeing you again will excite her, so don’t get her hopes up or put her in the position of always being the one to coordinate your plans together.
Yes, be a great lover, someone craved for by the lady, apply yourself to serve her needs, take special interest in seemingly little things which concern her, tell her how special you are to have her and demonstrate this often before her.
We’re lucky enough to live in an age where women are equals, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect to be treated like ladies. After all, think back to some of our most primal instincts. Knowing that a man can take care of me, protect me, and make me feel safe is something I’ll always admire and look for in a guy.
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