GHANA’S Music duo,
Ahkan and Bullet a.k.a. Ruff
n Smooth is set to take over
Africa with “Tolotolo Baby.”
According to the duo,
it is a dream they have
carefully crafted for some
years now, and they
have as such persistently
channeled their path
towards the African
music market.
The duo say
they have
started the
journey with
their new song
‘Tolotolo Baby’
f e a t u r i n g
N i g e r i a ’ s
songs are
doing well
and are
g radua l ly
b r e a k i n g
through the
c o n t i n e n t
but we feel
it is a duty
to take the
lead to make
a major impact.
We are doing our best,” they
With ‘Tolotolo Baby,’ Ruff
n Smooth aims at
breaking through
the African
music market
which is the
dream of all African artistes.
In less than a week, ‘Tolotolo
Baby’ is on rotation in all
known radio stations
in Ghana.
The song which
was officially
launched in
Takoradi is the most played
song in the Metropolis, and
according to the duo, it is soon
going to take over the
African music scene.
Ruff n Smooth is
noted for hit songs like
‘Azingele,’ ‘Liberian
Girl,’ ‘Swagger,’
‘Beautiful,’ ‘Naija
Baby’ amongst
They are hailed
as the Ghanaian
artistes to play
more shows in
other African
c o u n t i e s ,
Europe, and
A m e r i c a ,
and to win
more awards
outside the
shores of
T h e y
derived their
name from their
m o t i v a t i o n :
“In the
it was ruff
but now
it’s smooth

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