As cash crunch continues to bite harder across the country, many prominent politicians and wealthy individual have began to desert Sokoto for Saudi Arabia and some neighbouring States to avoid indigent people asking for support.
Investigation conducted by our correspondent in Sokoto revealed that physically challenged people took over the resident of politicians as well as wealthy individuals seeking Sallah’s gift.
The residence of the immediate past Governor Wammakko, which hitherto used to be a beehive of activities during the Sallah period, was looking deserted unlike in the past eight years when women and children converged in their thousands to collect their owned shares of Sallah cloth and N500 cash.
Nigerian Pilot Sunday recalls that two persons were reportedly killed, while several others sustained injury as a result of stampede at Wammakko resident in Gawun Nama area.
However, one Aminu Ruwawuri said that it is now that the people of Sokoto will feel the absent of Wammakko, saying “Tambuwal will definitely face a lot of challenges and difficulties as already Wammakko has established a tradition that the new governor is expected to sustain if he wants the continued support of the people”.
“Wammakko introduced dubious gift, even though is good but this could not be sustain in future”, he added.
Beggars have besieged the ancient city of the Caliphate as the Sokoto State government has introduced 6,500 monthly allowance to cushion their suffering and encourage them to quit street begin.
Most areas visited by our reporter have been taken over by beggars including filling station area, Mosque, Churches and parks to mention but a few.

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