Leading consumer electronics company, Samsung Electronics West Africa (Samsung) has reiterated its commitment to innovative, quality and services.
Addressing journalists during the annual Samsung Africa Forum, Sunil Kumar, Director of Consumer Electronics, stated that Samsung remains “unrelenting in its quest to make life more productive and convenient for people by making available to them top of the range electronic products backed up by timely, efficient and affordable after sales services.”
Nigeria, said Kumar is Africa’s biggest market especially from a growth perspective and Samsung will continue to play a leading role in catalysing this growth including by providing leading edge products.
One such product he said, is the new Add Wash range of washing machines which provides customers with an opportunity to add new materials to the washing machine even when it is already operational.
The washing machine range of products, he explained, has over the years become increasingly accessible to customers especially as different models address the needs of different income segments.
In addition, said Kumar, people are now increasingly seeing the washing machine as a necessity and not as an elitist product.
This, he explained is largely on account of its growing availability, affordability and promotion by Samsung and other manufacturers.
Samsung will also make available in 2016, said Kumar, a new range of SUHD TV, a Samsung-specific brand of curved television sets which have transformed the television viewing experience across the world.
These television sets, he explained, are powered by Quantum Dot display technology, which among others, enable up to a billion colours and therefore facilitate an enjoyable viewing experience as images are in distinct colour even when homes are brightly lit.
The new range of SUHD television sets he said, also come with a single remote control which can be used to control multiple devices, in so doing, enhancing convenience for customers.
A wide and growing range of television sets that address different income groups, will also continue to be made available to customers, said Kumar who added that the models of television sets are increasingly integrating superior sound techniques including Surround Sound to enhance the overall experience.
The products, Kumar added, come with Surge and lightning protector, so customers can enjoy the various appliances uninterrupted all through the course of their life cycles.
Surge and Lightning protector, on the other hand, he explained, are technologies that have been developed specifically in response to the problems of unstable electric voltage in many African countries as well as the occasional threat of lightning.
He added that Samsung refrigerators as well, can continue cooling their contents for many hours after a power cut.
These innovations among others, are part of the company’s “Built for Africa” project, an initiative that has seen Samsung deploying technological innovation towards solving some of the basic problems that users of consumer electronic products typically confront in Africa.
Samsung is the global leader in many technology segments including smartphones, television sets, refrigerators and smartwatches, large format displays, among others.
It is also very active in the corporate citizenship space and has in Nigeria, set up a Digital Village, two Smart School Teacher Academies for the training of teachers who will operate Smart Schools, Engineering Academies for the training of Electronics Engineers in Nigeria, among other ongoing and planned interventions.

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