Every once in a while, a smartphone shows up that not only seeks to push the boundaries of mobile innovation, but is also affordable. The Samsung Galaxy J7 is one such smartphone. Even though there is currently a proliferation of smartphones in the Nigerian market, which can be confusing to the average phone user.
The J7, which plays in the mid-range segment of the mobile phone market, also offers impressive spec and features. Many big smartphones tend to be highly priced and beyond the reach of majority of people. This is where the Galaxy J7 stands out: to give users a big device at a price that won’t dig a hole in their pockets. With the introduction of the Galaxy J7 to join the immensely popular, Galaxy J5, Samsung is set to continue its dominance of the mid-range smartphone segment, thus with specifications raising the bar.
This unique smartphone, according to Samsung, lets users get the most out of their mobile experience with functions and features that take mobility to an entirely new level. From the brilliant screen, with advanced resolution, contrast, and color reproduction, viewing text, images and video, user experience has never been better.
Capturing images also proves impressive with manual aperture settings and even a flash on the front-facing camera. Selfies are immediately improved with Beauty Face Mode, and Palm Recognition makes it easier to snap the photo without ruining your posture. Inside, the mobile boasts the most advanced Central Processing Unit for fast and effortless processing and performance.
Samsung Galaxy J7 is truly a sight to behold, with large display, which showcases stunning imagery, thanks to the HD resolution, true-to-life colour reproduction, and excellent contrast ratio. Text appears crystal clear and easy to read no matter the font size. Images also appear to be colorful and sharp, while video comes to life on Galaxy J7!
The large 5 times display allows the user view everything and anything on the device comfortably. With the High Definition resolution of the Samsung Galaxy J7, users can now enjoy crystal clear images. Excellent contrast ratio produces stunningly sharp images with deeper blacks and brighter whites, giving true to life colours exactly the way nature intends them to be.
Samsung leveraged on its many years of experience to perfect the one-handed user experience on the J7 – the device is easy to hold and sits very well in the palm of one hand.
A major complaint by users of smart mobile devices is that their device’s battery doesn’t charge fast enough, even after extended charging periods. With the Galaxy J’s Adaptive Fast Charging feature, users can finally enjoy everything the Galaxy J7 has to offer, without the fear of the battery needing a recharge so often. Its ultra power saving mode also lets users make the most of their last battery power helping them stay connected for longer periods. In emergency situations, the use of Ultra Power Saving Mode squeezes additional juice from the battery to extend phone use.
Samsung’s Galaxy J features has advanced technology on both the front and rear cameras. Users can now enjoy taking amazing shots with friends and of their surroundings. The 13MP rear camera, with greater F-stop variability, allows users to adjust how much light is being taken in. Using the lowest F-Stop value of 1.9 allows you to take incredibly balanced and striking photos even at night or in low light conditions. The device also features an advanced 5MP front Camera with LED Flash, palm recognition feature, which lets you take selfies easily and maintain a natural posture and a beauty face mode, which magically edits your photos as you take them by retouching the face for flawless skin for a brighter, more youthful look.
The J7 Palm Recognition feature allows users to take photographs by showing their palms to the camera lens – ideal for taking selfies!
Beauty Face Mode is another innovative feature of Galaxy J7, this feature instantly improves user’s features by retouching their skins, enlarging their eyes, and slimming their faces. With Samsung Galaxy J7, you get the best selfies.
Powering content creation, sharing and multitasking capabilities, the Galaxy J7 comes with the latest hardware technologies. An Octa core Processor paired with 3GB of RAM delivers easy multitasking, lightning-fast screen transitions, powerful browser performance, and minimal application loading time. The Galaxy J7 is powered by the latest Android 5.1 “Lollipop” operating system that provides users with stunning graphical capabilities.
Faster performance, smartphone afficionados say, leads to a heightened mobile experience – and one that will last longer than before. Powered by a robust and fast CPU, users will enjoy instant multi-tasking and faster loading of pages and games. Users can also freely use the mobile for web searches, app enjoyment, game playing and more, and still have battery left over for days of standby!
Normally, this is where information about the alternatives on offer surface, but the Samsung Galaxy J7 has no rival in the mid-range smartphone niche. The Samsung J series has created its own category, in that there are no devices to be compared to the J7 device in the smartphone market before its advent. Infact, the only real rival to the Galaxy J7 is the Galaxy J5.
The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a trustworthy and dependable device. The J7 is very affordable and you can’t go wrong with it. It has some of the best battery life you can get in a smartphone today, a big enough display for consuming media, reading, browsing and social networking and double the storage you get on the Galaxy J5. Getting it, if you can, is a no-brainer. Coming at a time when features like removable batteries and expandable storage are being shoved aside in favour of elegant all-metal designs, the Galaxy J7 is one of the very few decent smartphones that you’ll find in the market that sets out to please everyone and manages to do just that.

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