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Saraki Supporters Hold Solidarity Rally In Ilorin Metropolis (Video)



Mammoth crowd comprises of youth and aged loyal to Senator Bukola Saraki trooped out in a rally yesterday to confirm their support for defection of Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki to People Democratic Party, PDP in the capital city of Kwara State.

They were singing and praising Saraki and insisted that He will keep winning an election in the state in respective of political party he belongs to.

The spokesman Mr. Yakub Haruna Kannike who addressed newsmen at the entrance gate of the Government House Ilorin where rally was terminated said “In Kwara, Saraki is our political party and we shall always vote for his party and candidates”,

Kannike re-emphasised that: Saraki has been tested and trusted by the good people of kwara state. In fact, he does not need to be in any political party to win elections in the state. The people of the state have said it in many times that our political party in Kwara is ” Saraki”.

“He, said the simple interpretation of the above statement is that the people of the state are always ready to vote for any party that our leader found himself at any point in time. The elections history is there for anybody to confirm this fact”

In his response the Kwara State Governor Dr. Abdufatah Ahmed said “I want to welcome all the youths here to Government House, your house, because this is the seat of government of the people and the people have come here to tell us their views on what they want us to do. I want to assure you, like I do always said, your voice is our voice”

“On our part, we will continue within the time frame left, to increase our support for government business by delivering goods and services to the people in infrastructure, health and in the economy. We will also ensure that we have a very comfortable and convenient political environment so that the aspirations of everybody will be encapsulated in this, so that Kwara will continue to be great under our leadership. I want to assure you that your message is well received and it is part of the agenda with which we want to move Kwara forward”

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