School head in charge of a public primary school in Akwa Ibom has been sent to jail for the abuse of a 12 year old pupil in his School, wife of state Governor, Mrs. Martha Emmanuel has disclosed.
She has also said that some patents have also been prosecuted for allegedly forcing their daughters into relationships with men for material gains.
Mrs. Emmanuel made the revelations during a seminar for young girls drawn from secondary schools across the state in Uyo as part of activities to mark the international women day celebrations last weekend.
Represented by women affairs commissioner Dr Glory Edet, she said that the state government remained resolute on the protection of the rights of the child and counselled young girls to report any case of abuse of their person and womanhood to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.
“Now we also have family courts because the state government is interested in the future of the girl child and that is the more reason we have also prioritized education to help the young ones build a good future.” She said.
Emmanuel told participants that ficus was needed foe them to excell in life adding that their background should not be a source of discouragement to their life pursuits.
Earlier in a welcome address Edet had said that the seminar was included in the programme for the international women’s day because of the need to equip young girls for the future.
Edet advised the students to avail themselves of the many programmes and avenues put in place by the ministry to enlighten and protect the girl child from abuse of her rights.
Seminars and other enlightenment programmes according to her have also been put in place to educate female adults as part of the international women’s day celebration.
The event also featured paper presentations on the dignity of the girl child and career counselling doe the girl child by various resource persons.

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