Report that Boko Haram insurgents have infiltrated Peace Corps, a non-governmental organization which recently applied through a bill for establishment as a security outfit in the country is no good news at all. It calls for concern and the need for relevant security agencies to immediately intervene and address the situation. The Police in a statement alleged that available intelligence reports indicated that subversive groups and elements as well as terrorists affiliates have secretly infiltrated the Corps. The statement signed by Force Public Relations Officer, CSP, Jimoh Moshood, said the development could secretly ruin and destroy the existing peace currently enjoyed in the country. To worsen the situation, the corps was accused of operating secret recruitment and training camps in Abuja, Kwara and Niger states. Without any reservation this is dangerous. Conscripting or enlisting undesirable elements into any type of organization at this time means no good for the country. First and foremost it is risky when detailed information of the recruits is not offered for vetting. This also reinforces worries as to what due diligence were carried out on those recruited, what forensic apparatus or method was used or applied to ensure only lawful and law abiding citizens without past criminal records are recruited without enlisting Boko Haram insurgents and criminal elements. Indeed the activities of the Corps as revealed by the Police really call for grave security inquiry and again it should be of great concern to all Nigerians, particularly now that the country is near Uhuru after almost a decade of Boko haram attacks on the people. Unfortunately this is not the first time the Police and the DSS have swooped on the corps and its’ so- called and self styled commandant, one MrAkor Dickson. Severally the security operatives have had to arrest the arrow heads of the corps often over alleged untoward behaviors and actions. This time the police insist that those arrested, 49 members of the group including their commandant will be arraigned in court after proper investigation is concluded. According to police spokesman, Mr. Mooshood, their arrests “is in the interest of public safety and security” We are not against the police and the DSS in this if it serves to avert the enlistment of Boko Haram and criminal elements in any form back into society. From available records, the peace corps is just a registered nongovernmental organization. It is not yet a security outfit as it has made gullible Nigerians to believe, so every of its action and activities needs serious examination. But notwithstanding those efforts by its promoters to make it a security agency in the mould of the NSCDC is gaining momentum through a bill currently been harmonized by both houses of the national assembly that does not confer her any legitimate status on the corps yet. The bill still needs to be transmitted to the President for final assent, thereafter the necessary documentation and bureaucratic exercise will commence, like budgetary provisions for take-off and the constitution of skilled security personnel, most of whom may not even be the commandant and those currently pushing for its establishment . These are critical considerations the unsuspecting public and the promoters must bear in mind. Similarly it is criminal for the sponsors to be collecting an illegal 40,000 levy for registrations forms, in addition to establishing illegal training and recruitment camps. Their actions as it were are damning and in fact subversive. While we hail the police, military and the DSS for the discovery of the security threat posed by the corps, we call on them to follow due process in dealing with the matter. There must be due diligence in the investigation before charging Akor and Co to court if indeed a prima facie case is established. The Police must not abuse the process or be seeing to be biased. It must not perceive the Peace Corps as a rival group ahead of its establishment by law and frame it up. We insist in the rule of law in this case, especially as it is on records that the DSS, Police and several existing security agencies opposed the creation of the Peace Corps when the national assembly organized a public hearing for its establishment. Every kobo so far collected from impoverished and desperate job seeking youths of the country must be recovered. The police should dig more to find out other areas the Corps may have acted illegally, in doing so much of its atrocities will be uncovered. For if the corps eventually gets the nod after the presidential assent and scaling other bureaucratic hurdles, and then with the current cleansing, the organization would have been prepared and set to take off without excess baggage.