Sculptors in the Federal Capital Territory have said the advent of new forms of technology will enhance their artworks.
Commenting on the issue, Nigerian sculptor, Wande George, said the advent of information technology was also part of the challenges facing the sector.
“They are one of the biggest problems militating against arts, because we are living in this kind of electronic culture. We have lost almost all our connections with the past. We take the present moment and want to turn it into entertainment,” he said.
He also called on Nigerians to increase their patronage of art works for the development of arts and craft sector.
According to him, arts should be used to illustrate and communicate messages to the society and to effect changes.
“If arts are going to thrive, if arts are going to survive, it is going to be because people recognise its importance.
Visual art is creative, we should embrace it. One of the problems right now is that artists and intellectuals are more comfortable talking to each other than to a mixed audience about significance of arts.
I think it is better to start to talk to mixed audience on how arts can help to grow the society than talking to a specialised audience. If artists and intellectuals do not converse with our society, I believe we are going to see our societal culture dying further,” he said.

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