New national chairman of the
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince
Uche Secondus yesterday devolved
some powers to the zonal and state
chapters of party to enable the national
leadership of the party to concentrate
upstaging the ruling All Progressives
Congress, APC, in 2019.
Speaking at the PDP national
secretariat after Senator Ahmed
Makarfi officially handed over the
chairmanship to him, Prince Secondus
said the APC was running a “broken
government” and that he would not
allow the ruling party to distract him
with their false propaganda.
According to him, Nigerians
have seen through the veil of APC
propaganda and are yearning for
“Nigerians can no longer be fooled
by false propaganda. They will hear
the truth and the truth will save the
country, not by false propaganda.
“We will never be distracted by
the ruling party their kind of false
propaganda. Nigerians know the truth
now that all they have been saying in
the last two years are mere lies. All
they do is to go outside to revenge and
to intimidate Nigerians.
“Let me assure the state chapters and
our state chairmen that from today,
you will have full powers to operate to
make sure that our party progress in
the right direction and I will empower
you on behalf of the EXCO. We will
decentralise power from the centre
so that we will be less busy here so
that we can focus on same mission to
reclaim our lost grounds in 2019.
“We will make sure that there is no
more imposition. We will make sure
that the era of impunity has come and
gone and we want to warn our leaders
and ourselves that with this take over
today, let us not misuse the word,
impunity. It has come and gone.
“The old order is gone. We will
operate in the new order. There will be transparency in primaries.
“In the next couple of days, the NWC
will decide when we will have our
retreat. And after the retreat, we will
come out with policies and direction
and by the grace of God; we will hit
the ground running,” he averred.
Secondus commended Senator
Makarfi for organising a successful
national convention and described
him as God-sent.
“Makarfi, you are the one that God
chose at the right time in Port Harcourt
in confidence. You know, power
comes from God; so whether you like
his face or not, he had a mission and
he has accomplished that mission in
the most trying times of our party, at a
time people were so sacred and afraid
that there would be nothing like the
PDP. You are our hero. History will
remember you.
“My chairman, you have organised
the best convention in the history
of any political party in our nation.
You will take the new message to
the grassroots because we know that
the APC and their government are
broken. They are running a broken
government. We need to rescue our
nation from their hands to rebuild our
country once more,” said.
Secondus attributed his victory to
God and declared that there was no
victor and no vanquished over the
outcome of the PDP convention.
“I am a product of the mercies and
miracles of God. At all times and in all
nations, God chooses who leads. And
so power comes from God, not from
“By the special grace of God,
elections have and gone and I declare
to you that there is no victor, no
vanquished. Our first assignment will
be to bring all and sundry together,
that is reconciliation. We reassure
leaders of our party especially those
who contested this election. We have
already started work and by the grace
of God, it will be productive,” he

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