Former Director
of Marketing at Nigeria’s
Television Authority, NTA,
Grace Egbagbe has revealed
the secret of her unique style
and fashion sense. Grace who
worked at Nigeria’s foremost
Television station for 28years,
in a recent interview stated
that, though her fashion sense
is genetic, also highlighted two
major things she said could
make women age fast.
According to her, “It is largely
genetic, but I’ve also found
out that two things that make
women age very fast is the
husband and children problem.
I don’t have the first problem of
my husband beating me up, not
providing for me or throwing
me out. I will rather not have
a husband, than have one that
will do all that, but I’m hoping
that I do get a husband that is
God sent to me. He has to be a
good provider, who is kind and
Speaking further, Grace
said, every woman needs
love, “whether old or young.
I also need someone who
compliments me.”
On children, she said: “I
thank God that I have two and I
don’t know how my life will be
without them. So, if you don’t
have all these problems that
age women fast, then you can
live well, but I personally think
the only key to not aging fast is
not holding any grudges. If you
hold grudges in your heart,
what happens if you see the
person? You will get upset and
frown at the person whenever
you see them, but if you annoy
me, I will tell you straight away
and I let it go. It ends there, and
the next day, I will be smiling
at you, and you will wonder,
I thought I upset her. If you
deliberately set out to upset me,
then you have failed because I
won’t stay upset because I love
being happy.”
On her definition of style,
Grace believes, “Style is
something you are comfortable
in. There is nowhere in the
world where you will wear
something and look good if you
are uncomfortable in it. Even if
it is a 10 million dollar dress, if
you are not comfortable, you
are not going to look good or
stylish, so I equate my style
with comfort. I wear what I
feel comfortable in to occasions
I go to. And if I don’t feel
comfortable with any dress,
I will not wear it. Secondly,
I believe my style is genetic
because I heard that when
my Dad was young, he was a
stylish person. My mom who is
86 looks like she is 60, and her
style is so modern

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