Recent statistics have revealed that deaths resulting from substance abuse in Seattle have increased by 58% in the last year. Let’s not forget that a large percentage of famous people who died from substance abuse including Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix were either from Seattle or lived in the area.
Alcohol addiction is a huge menace in the society today which has succeeded in messing up a lot of people’s lives. No matter how deep you are into addiction however, it’s still possible to recover from it and live a normal life. It is a long and bumpy ride but with commitment and determination on your part, it’s an easy one.

Here are 5 ways to treat alcohol addiction:
1. Acknowledge the Problem
The first solution to any problem is acknowledging the fact that it is a problem, and alcohol addiction is no different. You have to stop being in denial and acknowledge the fact that you are suffering from alcohol addiction and it is a problem for you.
The professionals at Kick Addiction, Seattle’s addiction treatment specialists, always recommend that you get a piece of paper and write down all the benefits you derive from drinking on one side and then on the other side, write down all the downsides, health challenges and embarrassments you get from over-drinking.
This simple exercise would help you clearly see if alcohol addiction is a problem for you or not.

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2. Start Reducing Your Alcohol Intake
Kick Addiction always recommends a slow and steady approach towards alcohol addiction recovery.
Completely cutting off your alcohol intake suddenly might not work and may increase the chances of you going back for a binge when the urge returns. What you should do instead is to slowly reduce your alcohol intake week by week. If you’ve been drinking twenty glasses every week, start by drinking five glasses less this week and then five lesser next week. Slowly and gradually reducing your alcohol intake would help you cope better when you finally decide to stop taking alcohol.

3. Prepare for Change
If you are really serious about recovering from alcohol addiction, you should commit to changing anything around you that encourages the behavior.
Change your circle of friends if they are addicts too. Throw away all the wine bottles and beer and buy non-alcoholic drinks instead. Join Alcohol Addiction Recovery groups or enroll in an alcohol addiction recovery program.
Inform your friends and family of your decision so that they can support you. Keep an alcohol recovery diary to monitor your progress.
Get a piggy bank and throw in all the money you would have spent drinking daily. At the end of a set period, you could invest the accumulated funds in any other thing that makes you happy. It could also be a very good way to reward yourself for the progress you make.

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4. Find a Source of Distraction
Boredom makes it easier for you to fall back to your old ways. This is why you need to get a hobby or something else that can distract you and keep you busy so that you would have less time to think about drinking.
You could find out which other things interest you such as games, building passive income, making new friends and so on.
Alcohol cannot be the only thing that makes you happy, find out what else does.
5. Do it With Medical Supervision
Drinking heavily for extended periods of time increases your body’s dependence on alcohol and when you decide to cut off the alcohol supply, you may experience mild to severe cases of anxiety, headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating, stomach cramps, restlessness and diarrhea.
Withdrawal from alcohol could also cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
All of these could be very dangerous, if not fatal. It is therefore important to have an experienced professional guide you through the process of alcohol addiction recovery so that you are able to do it in a safe and healthy way.
The professionals at Kick Addiction understand the pains and life-wrenching consequences of alcohol addiction. Hence, they work with you to remove all obstacles that may be delaying your journey towards alcohol recovery and offer an easy, safe, and secure approach towards alcohol addiction recovery.

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