sales strategy. He had acquired all the advice from top sales analysts around his professional industry and had deep assurance that all the advice were worth it. But he had to face the top directors and managers at his office over defending the possibility of his sales proposals working. From one idea to another, his ideas got bashed and washed as each manager took turns to rubbish his work. This manager was dazed that his best work was being given a zero. He returned home feeling depressed and in need of just that one top manager that will stand and see from his stand point.
Whether you are down the ladder or up there at the prime, there is still that fear of being alone with your big set of ideas. Depression may steal in and you increasingly find yourself plunging downward away from your expected endpoint. The question at the beginning of this writ becomes necessary when we consider that many ideas are finding their way into dustbins because the inventors of those ideas could not find that person who they expect to believe in them. Your idea is scarce and nobody will offer it the way you do even if those you believe to accept it don’t. They only do not accept it because, they aren’t in your shoe picturing from the same direction as you are. Yes, you need somebody, but not having that body to support your idea doesn’t mean it’s finished for you. You can afford to look up to “Someone.”
Every idea developed from its inventor or initiator takes a “long walk to freedom.”
That freedom arrives only after some bashing and whitewashing by everyone. Everyone often does not see great ideas because they are easily deceived by the normal life they are used to. Everyone loves the sky remaining blue; they can’t picture a green or yellow sky. Everyone sees only everyday possibilities, they can’t see beyond today. You can understand with such persons how short sighted they are. In the face of a crowded disbelief system, is that someone who manages to call you aside and ask for a one to one discuss on the possibilities of your idea making grand entry into realism. That someone is ready to help you iron out those issues that seems to limit your idea and then help you make it a reality. That someone is always around watching out for you.
We are often plunged into depression by the uncelebrated acts of everyone who might have pushed at their thought of how irrelevant our special idea may be. We often are the ones who allow them this opportunity to demean our so much work often because we think we have them as our celebrators. They necessarily will not celebrate your work until you have gotten your way up. The crowd won’t support you up. What the crowd does is boo your desire to climb and cheer only after you have strived your way up.
Finding that someone to give your idea a lift may not be as easy at the first trial. However your resoluteness at pushing your idea through however the encumbrances will attract that someone you will need. People are the hand tools of God for the manifestation of ideas and visions. Somehow someone will have to believe your idea makes sense once you can get going pushing behind you the fact that what you are offering hasn’t gotten the cheering as you had thought. Coca-Cola won’t be Coca-Cola today if the man who had developed its recipe had quietly thrown it away after everyone he had tried to sell it to had disdained it as useless. Today, it is a brand name because the developer found that one person who bought into it against the crowd who had opposed its market value.
You might not find everybody walking in your direction because you may not be worth looking at now. Well, that’s for now. Just wait at that idea; someone will come knocking very soon.

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Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria