Senate yesterday moved to separate Traffic Wardens and the Police by repealing the section of the Police Act that joined them and enacting a new Traffic Warden Service Act.
Senator Buhari Abdulfatai, who led debate on the new bill during the plenary said, “The essence of this Bill is to repeal the provisions contained in Section 59-69 of the Police Act Cap 359 LFN,1990 and to enact the Traffic Warden Service Act for the service to function separately and effective.”
He further said the bill is to formulate an administrative structure for the Traffic Warden Service and develop the service.
Speaking further, he said the Traffic Warden Service shall upon the passage of the bill be able to properly organise or inject purposefulness in the road traffic control function in the country.
He further explained that it will also address the traffic chaos everywhere because the manpower of the Nigeria police is not sufficient to handle her constitutional function of maintaining law and order in our society alongside the road traffic control function.
According to him, “The nation has lost man-hour and other economic losses as a result of the terrible traffic hold ups and congestions experienced daily.’’
He said the Traffic Warden service as it is today, is unknown, unheard, overshadowed and treated as an outcast within the police force, which he said has affected them, leading to their not being respected by road users.
The bill was read a second time and forwarded to the Committee on Police Affairs, after a few senators contributed to the debate.

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