There is a slow but steady crisis between the senate and some
appointees of President Muhammadu Buhari that is needless. Day
after day there are worrisome reports that the  upper legislative
chambers of the national Assembly the Senate and some top
political appointees of the president, among them the secretary to
government Bababchir Lawal, Col Hameed Ali, the  Comptroller
General of Customs are enmeshed in unnecessary  brick brats. The
current faceoff is the summons of the duo which they declined,
instead rushed to court to stop the lawmakers from inviting
them. This is in addition to the cold war and apathy between the
Presidency and the Senate over the second rejection of President
Muhammadu Buhari’s nominee, Ibrahim Magu as substantive
chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC.
In truth this seeming personality warfare and rage is growing by
the day on both sides and creating so much concern among lovers
of democracy in the country.
But bad as it is, the war has the propensity to affect governance
and the already recessed economy and yet leaders of the ruling
APC which has control on both sides are not showing concern to
halt the growing gulf. This unfortunately has further emboldened
both sides in the show of shame and given the potency; the crisis
portends a threat to our democracy. Coming against this backdrop,
the truth remains that In a democracy the legislature which the
senate represents is important because it is saddled with lawmaking
responsibilities, it must be respected, and its summons must be
obeyed by whoever is called upon. Invitations and summons of this
house  of parliament is a constitutional provision that nobody or
court can disobey ,void or nullify.
The same as the executive arm where the other feuding group
come from which enjoys some constitutional powers that Nigerians
including the lawmakers must tolerate. Both sides understandably
are symbolic and central to the country’s development and therefore
needs to engender a symbiotic relationship. Regrettably so much
water has passed under the bridge as a result of the lingering face
off and reports indicate of the aftermath, which the deepening
cracks on the walls of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC has
created. Although it appears baseless to dig deep on the contending
issues, but pointers link the two time rejection of Ibrahim Magu
by the senate,the refusal of  customs comptroller general  Col Ali
to appear before it on official uniform with the rank of comptroller
general over a new policy that requires duty paid on old vehicles
and the prolonged  issue between the secretary to government’s
Babachir  Lawal and Senate committee investigating the north east
crisis which had previously indicted him and asked for his sack,
there are no issues that cannot be solved through dialogue and
that’s’ our admonition, calling on both sides to swallow their bride
and sheath  the sword for  democracy sake. It is true that the Senate
is carrying out its constitutional mandate by inviting the president’s
appointees and they must abide.
Ego tripping cannot substitute obedience to law and order and
in this case compliance to a constitutional invitation.  Whichever way it is viewed, we are all subservient to constitutional regulations
and requirements, including the president and if political leaders
on both sides swallow their pride and answer to mere summons
of parliament at all levels whether it is the Senate or the House of
Representatives as the case may be this needless war of attrition
will not surface, talk less of lingering. And If as lawmakers and
political office holders we are law abiding and carry on with as
we swore to an oath of office, both arms will work seamlessly
without suspicion and who is superior. We therefore urge all and
sundry in this current contestation to calm down while President
Muhammadu Buhari look inwards for Magu’s replacement. There
are several competent persons that can handle that position even far
better than him. Same for Ali, who must dress officially to answer
to senate summons while he jettisons the obnoxious duty policy?
Added to this both sides must stop antagonizing one another,
especially the hate speeches syndrome. The executive must stop
using the office of the attorney general in close concert with the
presidential advisory committee on corruption as a clearing house
engaged in an undertaker’s job and undermine resolutions of the
senate using  legal advisories and gratuitous  suites.
This faceoff to say the least is unwarranted, unnecessary because
both parties will continue to dissipate energy on mundane issues
while fundamental issues of state are left unattended and at
most swept under the carpets. Both sides have no time again in a
four year tenure that has two years left. Governance is suffering,
according to a popular adage: “when two elephants fight, the grass
suffers. Governance is suffering, both sides should be focused in
making quality laws and executing them to the benefit of Nigerians
they claim to serve. Rather than engage in unproductive voyage
like wasting time on a bill which tends to abolish facial marks,
the Senate and its Reps counterpart can do well and pass the 2017
budget in record time. Nigerians are suffering, the economy is in
comatose, and so both sides must sit up now. We are not against
summoning any invited government official. They must appear, it
is the constitution and not the Senate’s making but the lawmakers
must act with human face, without vendetta or trying to use
legislative powers to cow others which are a common feature lately.
Going forward we ought to learn from past mistakes especially
from how the House of Representatives under Aminu Tambuwal
had a running battle all through the last four year democratic
dispensation with the executive of former President Goodluck
Jonathan. The outcome of that disagreement impacted negatively
on that administration. This time we must learn to avoid a similar
occurrence between this executive and any chamber of the national
assembly because it is often catastrophic. God forbid this face off
persists, the Buhari’s APC controlled government will not achieve
anything, not even  successfully constructing a new 10- kilometer
road anywhere in the country talk less of completing the popular
Abuja/lokoja/Okene highway. So let both arms sheath their swords
while the President intervenes. And the time for this frank talk is now.