Ex-gov Suswan
Ex-gov Suswan

GOVERNOR of Benue State, Samuel Ortom and his predecessor, Gabriel Suswam have returned to the trenches, trading deadly verbal punches with Suswam describing the Ortom led administration in the state as a government of deceit and deeply enmeshed in corruption.
However, Suswam, while addressing the caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Makurdi last Monday lampooned Ortom over the recent appointment of sole administrators for the 23 local government councils in the state which he claimed did not conform with democratic norms and the law.
On the alleged plot to arrest him over alleged fraud, the ex-Governor said: “I’ll not be afraid, why will I chicken out that somebody is saying that Suswam must go to jail. I cannot chicken out because someone is threatening to take me to jail. How do I return something I did not take, I did not take a dime, but they are stealing and at the appropriate time, we’ll do something.
“It has become glaring, that the people have nothing to offer. We don’t have government in Makurdi, what we have is deceit. Benue is in a big mess. We may stand up and speak loudly against this government even if it means going to jail. This state belongs to all of us, no single person owns it, and they feel nobody should talk about it.
“We must fight for the future of our children. They are stealing money and think we do not know. At the right time, we will expose them. We must remain resolute and remove this deceitful government in 2019”.
“When you have people, charlatans, who don’t know their left from their right, who have benefitted a lot from the party, you don’t expect anything good from them,” Suswam fumed.
He condemned the arrest of PDP youths under the guise of granting amnesty to criminals and urged the people to remain resolute and the PDP would take over power in 2019.
But GovOrtom during the destruction of illegal weapons in Government House yesterday maintained that as a lawyer, he thought the erstwhile governor is aware that the constitution of the country allows states to make laws for local governments, stressing that the appointment of sole administrators followed due process of legislation from the House of Assembly where PDP members hold sway too.
While he said security has been restored through the introduction of the amnesty programme said the former governor who was supposed to commend the present administration’s efforts, ignorantly condemned the amnesty programme when he was expected to be busy defending himself and other persons that allegedly diverted N107 billion between 2007 and 2015.
He challenged Suswam to try and see the weapons so far recover, saying he remains to be the first governor ever accused of diverting so much money when civil servants, pensioners and contractors had not been paid.
He said Suswam and all those suspected to have looted the treasury were being tried in courts of competent jurisdiction and vowed that he would never allow criminals to continue to molest, assassinate and abduct people.

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