Northside Music Inc’s dancehall act, Cynthia Morgan has revealed that her sex appeal and stagecraft have played a huge part in propelling her brand. Asked how she came about her sex appeal in a recent interview, the “German Juice” singer said: “It’s in built, I didn’t go anywhere to learn, it’s the whole package that comes with a talented person. If you are ready for the industry, you must have a total package.
Aside from music, a lot want to see you perform, they want to see the sex appeal, and you have to be believable, it is inbuilt talent and craft in me and that is my selling point,” she said.
Cynthia Morgan has been able to capture the attention of the industry with songs like ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ and ‘Lead Me On’ in the space of a few years, after coming into the mainstream featuring on Rapper Jhybo’s hit single, ‘Run their mouth’.

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