A group under the auspices of Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate, CPPM, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to probe the rape allegations leveled against three members of the House of Representatives by the Government of the United States of America.
In a petition to the president against the three members of the House, the group said the allegation of attempted rape is a dent on the image of the entire country.
Buhari returned from a medical trip abroad on Sunday to hear of the scandal which was blown open by the Unites States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr James Entwistle.
Though the three legislators denied the allegations and the leadership of the House has come to their rescue, the rights group, through a senior official, Nelson Ekujumi, is asking the president to investigate the allegation because it is a dent on the image of Nigeria that the presidency is working hard to redeem.
The petition, which was copied to SpeakerYakubu Dogara, the Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, and others, named the three affected lawmakers as Mark Gbillah, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Petroleum Resources (upstream), Samuel Ikon from Akwa Ibom and Mohhammed Garba-Gololo from Bauchi.
Part of the petirion reads: “Sir, in the petition of alleged criminality and improper conduct against three out of a 10-member delegation of ‘honourable’ members addressed to the speaker by the US government, it was stated that they were in the United States of America at the instance of the US government as participants in the international visitor leadership programme on good governance.
“We regard this allegation as an international embarrassment, grave, injurious, indecorous and damaging not only to the image of the aforementioned members of the House as representatives of our bastion of democracy, the legislature, but also to the collective integrity and honour of Nigerians as represented by the legislators.
“Therefore, we demand an immediate investigation of this national embarrassment by security agencies which are statutorily established to perform such functions,” the petition read.
The group said it was saddened by the alleged complicity of other members of the delegation as stated by the ambassador.
CPPM said it wants to place on record that it rejects any attempt by the House to investigate this allegation of criminality leveled against its members because it runs counter to logic, rationality and natural justice for one to be a judge in his or her own case.
“We don’t have confidence that the course of justice will be served by the House of Representatives investigative committee,” it said.
Among its demands, the group said it wants an “immediate suspension of the three mentioned members from plenary for bringing the image of the House and that of the Nigerian people into public opprobrium until investigation is concluded and appropriate sanctions implemented.”
The group also wants the immediate suspension of seven members of the delegation from plenary for being accessories to an alleged crime and for not informing the House of this development until the petition from the US government.
It demanded that the report of this investigation be made public in order to send a clear signal that acts of criminality and indecent behaviour are unacceptable and intolerable by the Nigerian government and people.
It demanded “a public apology by the Nigerian government and the House of Representatives to the American government and its people for the criminality and indecent conduct of these members if found guilty and demand of same from the US government if investigation proves otherwise.”

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