Babangida_LamidoObviously rattled by the demand
of the Governors of Jigawa and
Niger States that President-elect,
Muhammadu Buhari must fulfill his
campaign promises to Nigerians,
the All Progressives Congress, APC,
yesterday told the governors to shut
up and described the duo’s remarks
as “uncouth, ill-intentioned and in bad
Buhari stirred the hornet nest
last week when he told bewildered
Nigerians that he will not be able to
deliver on some of campaign promises
because of the state of the economy.
Reacting to Buhari’s volte-face,
Governors Lamido and Aliyu said
Buhari could not make a U-turn on his
campaign promises after the election as
he was elected based on the promises
he made to the voters.
The governors, who spoke at the
inauguration of the ultra modern
Shiroro Bridge in Niger State said
Nigerians would hold Mr. Buhari and
the APC responsible for the situation
of the country, regardless of the state of
the economy when he takes over.
“You must fulfill your promises,
because there was no condition given
on how to do it. Whether the economy
is favourable or not, do not give us any
”We will not tolerate any excuses
because when you were asking for
votes and making promises, there were
no conditions given,” Mr. Lamido said.
In his response to the comments of
the governors, the APC said through
its National Publicity Secretary, Lai
Mohammed, that the two governors
are bitter and traumatised by the
outcome of the general elections and
are yet to come to terms with the defeat
of their party, the PDP.
”Nigerians have switched from preelection
to post-election mode, making
the unsolicited advice and the rehash
of the vitriolic electioneering campaign
rhetoric from the two governors totally
out of tune with reality.
”Our commitment to Nigeria is
sacrosanct, irrespective of the state of
the economy; hence, we do not need
any cheeky advice from Governors
Aliyu and Lamido. We are not making
any excuses, but we will let Nigerians
and indeed the world know how much
the economy has been wrecked and the
role of anyone in bringing the economy
to its knees,” it said.
The “trauma they suffered, and are
still suffering, from the shellacking
they received during the elections,
hence they have forgotten even the role
they played in seeking to scuttle the
change that Nigerians so much desired
and for which they voted”.
”Governors Aliyu and Lamido are so
bitter and traumatised that they have
forgotten it was their party, the PDP
that divided Nigeria along its ethnic,
religious and regional fault lines.
“They have forgotten that it was
their party that cleaned out the
commonwealth in its desperation to
win at all cost, at a stage shunning the
naira for dollars and helping to crash
the value of the local currency

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