Culture as it is known reflects the peoples’ ways of life: ethics, values, beliefs, morals, mode of dressing, eating, as a matter of fact, the total aspect of their ways of life. Over the years, culture has been known to be dynamic, because it has never been static. This is largely because of cultural contact and acculturalisation, people have been known to adopt cultural practices of other people upon their contact and infiltration. But the most important thing here is that culture varies. The Western culture, Eastern culture, Latin culture, Middle Eastern culture and African cultures are the known major cultures that depict the races of the global continent. Within these major cultures, we still have sub-cultures that embody the major cultures.
However, despite the fusion of culture, vis-a-vis culture contact, there are certain aspects of a particular culture that are alien to other cultures and are seen as a taboo, even if it is not alien to that society. This is because, “one man’s meat is considered another’s poison”. What is seen as morally right and just in a particular setting or society may be considered as an abomination in another society. Over the years, the Western societies have been trying to force down some alien cultures down the African continent’s throat. The imbibing or acceptance of culture(s) doesn’t have to go with the threat or possible sanctions or withdrawal of aid or assistance to such countries.
Sometimes last year, when the Nigerian parliament passed the bill prohibiting same sex marriage, the western world came down heavily on Nigeria, threatening withdrawal of aid and grants. How will any society, nation, country or even a league of nations in her right frame of mind decided to force other societies to entrench such absurd and sodomic law into their constitution? This of course, was in the bid to enforce some fundamental human right. I mean what is fundamental in trying to promote barbaric act, even in the animal kingdom, a male animal will not be seen copulating a male counterpart, the same applies to the female animals.
So why should the reverse be the case in the human society, where we are seen as higher animal with thinking faculty? What motive, reason, justification does anybody have to convince me that promoting same sex marriage is basically to promote or ensure some peoples’ fundamental human rights?
As if the issue of same sex marriage was not enough, Amnesty International (AI) is also pushing for the decriminalisation of prostitution globally. The import of this is that prostitution will now be legalised, it will no longer be seen as a criminal act. If and when AI succeeds in the move, automatically countries that their beliefs are against the practice of prostitution will be labeled by AI and its allies, as violating fundamental human rights. Looking at it from the reverse angle, there are some cultural practices in some African societies, which are peculiar to the societies alone, take for instance, when a man marries in some African societies and he passes on leaving the wife at a prime age, the younger brother to that man eventually becomes the new husband. Or in a society where snake meat is a delicacy or cuisine, will these societies, because they want to ensure people globally accept their culture, stand up to propagate it globally, even if they do, will the western societies or people globally who are against such act accept it?
Therefore, in trying to shove some things down some other peoples throat in the name of enforcing fundamental human rights, many considerations will have to be made. Some ethics and values or beliefs that is entrenched as human rights in some societies, may not constitute human rights in some other societies. A state or country is not just sovereign, it is the principles, ideologies, beliefs that it profess, that cannot be subdued by another sovereign state that gives such a state, nation or country the sovereignty. Thus; in the course of wanting to enforce and implement the principles of fundamental human rights at a global level, the Western countries are by virtue of this, trampling on the rights of other people.
Taking a critical look at same sex marriage, God institutionalised marriage for certain reasons such as assistance, procreation, continuity amongst others, the germane ones there being procreation and continuity. Can people of same sex achieve these 2 through the real natural order? It’s a capital NO.
Even where there is a culture contact, which eventually leads to acculturation in any society, the people imbibing the new culture do not just adopt the entire culture, they sieve in order select which will suite their system and know the ones they don’t really need. Even in the western countries it’s not everybody there that is gay or a lesbian, there are some people who seriously detest these acts. So by enforcing these laws there to propagate fundamental human rights means you are equally encouraging them to adopt the lifestyle as there is nothing wrong with it. Automatically, the advocates of these laws are erroneously misleading some people.
Furthermore, some people are of the opinion that forcing these alien ideas on people is colonialism, since colonialism is all about imposition of ideas and forced authority. Some think it is neo-colonialism. The modern day colonialism is more advanced, complex and dynamic than the former. Instead of the direct territorial acquisition, the modern trend is now the imposition of ideas and ethics, as well overt and covert exploitation in terms of materials and human resources (brain drain) as well as, many others, in different aspects which are not in any way designed or put in place to protect African interests, rather it exploits the continent the more.
Taking a critical look, if not for imperial expansion, how do you explain a situation where a sovereign country’s parliament passed a bill prohibiting same sex marriage in the country, another sovereign country now threatened to withhold aid and grants it has been giving to such a sovereign country if the bill was passed into law. Even the recent President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the United States, the issue of same sex marriage was still discussed. The questions here are, what do America and her western allies stand to gain if same sex marriage is a universal thing? Again, since the issue of same sex marriage is seen as a taboo in many African societies and even globally too, based on the principle of moral ideology, are western countries saying we should throw away our moral values and embrace theirs?
In addition to the above, polygamy is recognised in the African traditional society, why is the same polygamy not recognised in western countries or why have these African states not propagated polygamy to the West? Another implication of promoting same sex marriage is incest, since incest is a taboo and has been criminalised in some countries, when it becomes rampant, attempts will also be made to legalise it thus; spreading it all over the world in the name of enforcing fundamental human rights. So, what is morally wrong and seen as a taboo in some societies should not be super-imposed on them by other societies no matter how economically, politically or militarily big such societies may be. Sovereignty is the ability to uphold your beliefs and principles as well as assert your authority within your domain without external influence in whatever guise.

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