Ondo State Commissioner for Environment, Chief Sola Ebiseeni has stated that it is an aberration for the state government in Nigeria to be unable to enforce the laws they make, because of the skewed nature of the nation’s federalism.
Ebiseeni , a lawyer, said that while government is supposed to serve as the custodian of the people, the state does not perform this role as it should because of the way the security apparatus of the country is shaped, with the state governors as chief security officers in name only.
He said, while the state Houses of Assembly pass different laws that are supposed to direct the affairs of the people in the different states in the country, they (states) cannot enforce them, explaining that the states make laws that they do not or cannot enforce.
The commissioner disclosed this at the weekend while speaking as a guest on Orange FM radio programme in Akure, the state capital.
On the role government needs to play to protect the populace and how true federalism is needed for this, he said; “The essence of government, the reason for which government exists is to aggregate the power to enforce individual rights, which now uses our powers collectively in the defence of all.
‘’ There is the need for us to have a social contract with the
sovereign, and the duty of the sovereign is to protect us against all. Ordinarily, life is a question of survival of the fittest and that is why you have laws, to regulate human conduct, and so the primary duty of the government is to protect lives and property.
“We should not have state governments with power to enforce its laws. The House of Assembly makes laws but these laws cannot be enforced by the Executives because the power to enforce it is with the Federal Government.’’

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