1. GET your Golf game on at the Le
Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
Le Meridien Ibom is a hotel with a
world-class 18 hole golf course, the best
place for you to practice your swing or
polish your golfing skills. The golf resort
is located in Uyo Nigeria, and provides
you with just the right atmosphere to
create memorable experiences. The
hotel offers amazing accommodation
which will leave you and your family
feeling like royalty.
2. Explore the mountain ranges at
Obudu Cattle Ranch
Take a few days and get in touch
with nature at Obudu Cattle Ranch,
which is located at Obudu Plateau in
Cross River State. Seeing these beautiful
sights in real life is a must, and will
definitely make your holiday more
fulfilled. The attraction is popular for
its natural wonders, cable cars and
amazing outdoor activities. Take a
dip in the marvellous outdoor pool or
enjoy the peace and quiet when hiking
their famous Canopy walk way. This is
definitely the place to be.
3. Appreciate the gift of nature at
Yankari game reserve
Yankari National Park is a large
wildlife park located in Bauchi State,
Nigeria. If you love wildlife and
adventure, this is a unique way to
make your holiday remarkable. You
and your family will definitely enjoy the safari where you will see a variety of
wild animals in their natural habitat. This
outdoor paradise offers a wide variety of
accommodation and more than enough
opportunity to relax after the long and
hard year.
4. Enjoy a spring break at Ikogosi Warm
A trip to this attraction is definitely a
trip worth taking. At arrival, you can
expect very friendly staff and high quality
service. Ikogosi Warm Spring is a place to
enjoy nature’s finest in a beautiful setting.
Steeped in rich history that is enveloped
by the meeting of hot and cold waters
flowing side by side. According to experts,
it is a geological wonder to have such an
occurrence out of the same rock formation
and one that is seen only in Nigeria.
5. Olumo Rock
For a good day out, visit the famous Olumo Rock which stands towering
majestically over the city of Abeokuta.
Visiting this famous tourist attraction, you
are likely to meet the Rock guides who
will tell you the history and the myths
of Olumo Rock. The whole experience of
climbing out the rock by yourself is truly
thrilling. But not to worry if you are the
lazy type, there is a lift and elevator that
will take you to the top of the Rock. The
view from the top is amazing, where you
are able to look over the whole city. You
can also visit the art gallery beneath the
6. Tinapa Business Resort
Tinapa offers a great combination of both
business and leisure. Tinapa has world
class facilities providing the visitors with
more than enough retail options. It has an
open exhibition area for trade exhibitions
and other events. The entertainment at Tinapa offers the best “break away from
real life” opportunities. You can visit the
casino if you feel lucky, relax in one of
their movie theatres or party the night
away in their nightclub. There are also
several restaurants and pubs to enjoy a
wonderful dinner with the family.
7. La Campagne Tropicana beach
This exciting tourist attraction is located
in the commercial hub of Nigeria – Lagos.
It is so popular because of the unique
blend of natural environment, including
fresh water lake, accessible mangrove
forest, a savannah, an extensive sandy
beach and the warm Atlantic sea. At this
resort, you can really relax knowing that
you and your personal belongings are
safe as they provide 24 hour security.
This resort offers a variety of activities
including hiking, hunting, horse riding,
canoeing, ocean water fishing, aqua
aerobics, beach volley, beach soccer, spa
treatments and many more. With the
friendly staff, beautiful sea view and
elegant restaurants – you simply just
can’t give this place a skip.
8. Idanre Hills
Idanre Hills, which is said to be 800
years old, is a breath-taking landscape
that also provides a window to the town’s
colourful history. It is a long way to the
top with about 640 steps and 5 resting
points on your way, but is it definitely
worth the walk.
The evergreen landscape surrounding
the hills provides you with a peaceful
atmosphere. The rigors of climbing and a
refreshing swim in the crystal clear water
of the Arun River, make the Idanre Hills
a wonderful place to visit. If you are the
adventurous type, a good challenge will
be to climb the tallest of the hills which
rises to about 300 feet above sea level, to
enjoy a very rare panoramic view.
9. Ogbunike Cave
Ogbunike Cave can be described as
the very wonder of nature. The Cave
is segmented into sections, where each
section has its own story. The stories
are well told by the native tour guides.
These caves are closely associated with
historical and spiritual significance.
The main cave consists of a massive
structure with a big open chamber. From
this main chamber, there are 10 tunnels
leading in different directions. These
ten tunnels lead to other chambers and
tunnels which vary in sizes and lengths.
The caves are occupied by a large colony
of bats and you will find streams and
body of water at various places.
10. Mambilla Plateau
The Mambilla Plateau is well known
for its rich scenic beauty. The sheer
immensity of the rock formation or the
twists and turns as one drives to the top is
at the top reasons why you will definitely
return for a second visit. You can expect
cold temperatures when visiting the
plateau, as daytime temperature hardly
ever exceeds 25 °C. There is also a
spectacular bridge suspended over the
valley. The Plateau is one of the few
places in the federation where temperate
plants like Apples, Pears, Arabica Coffee,
Strawberries, Tea and Irish Potatoes
grow very well. The whole area is Tsetse
fly and Mosquito free with more than 2
million herds of cattle

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