No fewer than 23 electrical companies operating in Nigeria have reportedly failed the compliance and laboratory test of the Standards Organization of Nigeria, SON.
The Head, Ekiti state office of the agency, Mrs Serah Idowu, announced at the weekend in a statement in Ado Ekiti that the affected companies are involved majorly in the production of electrical items such as bulbs, plugs, wire and cables.
According to her, findings have shown that many of the items manufactured by the affected companies have flooded most of the nation’s markets and outlets.
She explained that SON decided to expose the status and activities of the erring manufacturers so as to curtail possible fire outbreaks in homes and offices which the fake and sub-standard products they are making may cause unsuspecting members of the public buying them.
Mrs. Idowu, who raised the alarm noted that in view of the threats such cable posed to lives and property of Nigerians through avoidable fire outbreaks.
She said out of a total of 24 companies whose electrical products were tested and examined by the Laboratory and Compliance Unit of the agency in Ekiti state, only one of them scaled through.
She threatened to make public, list of the erring 23 companies if they failed to withdraw all their electrical items from the market and stop further production of such substandard products.
The SON boss disclosed that a meeting had already been summoned with those behind the companies and their distributors where they hope to receive the last warning, as well as obtain undertakings from them not to further put the lives of people at risk.
She warned that after the meeting, products of recalcitrant ones would be confiscated by the agency wherever they are found while their owners would be made to pay a minimum of N1million as cost of destruction to the Treasury Single Account, TSA, Compliance Account of the agency.
She disclosed that SON was currently working out modalities that would make the distribution of certain category of industrial and household appliances such as gas cylinders and fire extinguishers, the exclusive preserve of the various state Fire Services.
SON boss lamented that most of the outlets where such high-tension electrical items are sold do not have the required safety precautions, while many of those that trade in them do not have any formal training in safety matters like those who work in Fire Services.

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  • Udom

    Mrs Serah Idowu’s organization is suddenly realizing that the electrical components and their manufacturers are not compliant with their stated standards (whatever they are)? Surely those defective products have been around for a while. One would have thought that the horse always came before the cart, and not the other way round. For that simple reason, any regulating agency charged with overseeing the safety of Nigerians, is itself expected to follow basic guidelines. One of the primary responsibilities is to ensure that whatever products are sent out there for public use and consumption meet a series vigorous testings to world’s standards. Hence, the main reasons Standard Organization of Nigeria came into existence.

    SON has failed its reasons for existence by failing to protect Nigerians. It was irresponsible for them to have given the go-ahead in the first place for those electrical parts manufacturers to commence production without first subjecting those products to the proper tests. I question the slow pace of SON’s reaction after the flooding of these sub-standard components in the marketplace. Then, came a typical response that’s quite symptomatic of our lackadaisical approach to a dire situation; rather than issue a robust cease and desist order, SON issues a lukewarm warning with no bite. Why in the name of public safety and confidence, an order was not issued to consumers to stop buying those products, once identified?

    SON is the consumer watchdog. Those electrical manufacturers and the identities of their products should have been exposed to the unsuspecting public. Why come out and make a general statement warning the nameless and faceless manufacturers to clean up? Don’t the hapless buyers of those bad products deserve to be warned? Why are the manufacturers, rather than the public being protected by SON? If SON truly cares about the safety of the public, it needs to show us by adhering to world-class standard of practice. It needs to order an immediate halt to the failed manufacturers to cease production. The identities of all the bad products need to be made public and a recall to commence immediately. Then, then an enquiry needs to be launched by the National Assembly to find out how and why SON failed to carry out its duties properly. One must also expect to see criminal indictments against those manufacturers. Only then can consumers confidence can be restored.