Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has seized heavy duty vehicle spare parts worth over N20 million at the Trade Fair Complex in Lagos.
The Assistant Director, Inspectorate and Compliance of the Organisation, Mr. Fred Akingbesote, who led the team of its ‘Operation Flush’, said that the goods importer’s agent was also arrested.
He explained that the organisation would not relent in ensuring that substandard products were not sold in Nigeria as SON was poised to break the cartels that specialised in importing substandard products.
”The Operation Flush was at Aspamda Plaza in April and sealed some shops which their owners did not turn up, only for them to reopen the shops and display the same products which we seized then.
“The products have been analysed in Holland and discovered that they were not original.
“The metals are shinning and everything is the same; but instead of a life span of 2 years, it will only last for two months; if it did not take lives on the high way as it is an important components of the engine,” he said.
Akingbesote said that the importer would be prosecuted as SON’s new law permits the organisation to act without court order.
He said that the seizure was not to witch-hunt importers because they were always given the opportunity to be educated by SON on how to import original products.
Akingbesote urged importers to have registered trade names, import with the name and from original manufacturers.

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