Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has moved for the Nigeria’s adoption of global best practices through an international accreditation system that will enable the country compete globally.
The Director General, SON, Dr. Joseph Odumodu, who believes that an international accreditation system is imperative for the country to achieve rapid economic growth, explained that to achieve this, the agency has intensified its operations to obtain an international accreditation system in Nigeria.
He said that with the national quality policy to be promulgated soon, Nigeria has to be ready for the global competitive environment by upgrading its quality management certification systems.
Odumodu who spoke during a stakeholder’s forum said, “An accredited system in Nigeria, for Nigerian companies, gives us access to international business. Once someone says he has SON certification, it will be recognized anywhere in the world. It can also serve as a prerequisite to some businesses. This is also building the competences of our staff by making them rub shoulders with their counterparts anywhere in the world.”
“We are preparing for the competition which is already here because there are international players already operating in Nigeria and doing certification. So we must prepare for that competitive environment and the way to prepare is also get our own accreditation systems in place,” he said.
Odumodu explained that with the national quality policy expected soon, laboratories and accreditation processes will no longer be established by government agencies alone, adding that both public and private participation would be expected to participate.
He said, “This meeting is principally focused on achieving accreditation to 17021 to accredit our management certification system. We must prepare for independent business units that will become revenue generators for the continuity and sustainability of businesses. This certification means that we can expand the market place and also go international not limiting ourselves within the country”.