Sound Sultan has a new album coming up, and sources say that should be his last.
The Naija Ninjas’ boss has a project in the pipeline, one which will be unveiled ‘in a month’, and will be his 7th album.
Although the singer never walked the country as an A-List artiste, but he remained relevant on the B-List category, and got rewarded for his craft, creating songs which contained conscious messages, and were made acceptable with pop sounds.
Some of his greatest hits include ‘Bush meat’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Motherland’, ‘King of my country’, and many more.
Sound Sultan’s new album will be making an entrance at a time when the singer’s pop relevance is in dire need of a shot in the arm.
The singer’s singles have failed to peak, with very limited acceptance given to them.
Within the past six months, he has released videos for singles ‘Everything is everything’, ‘Monsura’, ‘Oba lola’, and the Trap-isnpired ‘Kuku no worry’, but none of them have made the progress to being a hit.
Yet this has not stopped the singer from putting together his album.
Sound Sultan has been active in the game for over a decade, extending his repertoire of skills to acting, movie production, physical merchandise, sports entrepreneurship (he owns Basketball team Lagos Islanders), record label management and more.
Music which was the foundation of his successes has grown to play a limited role. The forthcoming album might just be his final musical offering to a dynamic Nigerian music-scape that is greatly changed from its origins.

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