South Africa has recorded another strange “man of God” after reports of the arrest and release of Prophet Penuel (24) of End Times Disciples Ministries who made his congregation eat all sorts of things from snakes to underwear.
The latest discovery is Prophet Agabus Nawa of Embassy of Glory Christ Centre.
He hails from Mafikeng, North West, and his claim to fame is that he can command bath soap to taste like chocolate and make members of his congregation fall in deep sleep like God made Adam do.
Nawa’s published mandate is to “uplift your spirit man with the word because the Bible say man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that come from the father in heaven….”
South Africans have come to know him of late that by: riding and stepping on congregants and claiming that by supernatural powers they feel no pain.
The “man of God” has an accomplice in one Prophet Uzziel Advice. Both command congregants to turn into horses so that they can ride in order to demonstrate “the power of God.” While Jesus rode a donkey, the prophets prefer to ride people.
They claim that almost anything can miraculously be turned to chocolate, including soil.
When the congregants of the prophet do not just lose sight at his command, they also turn into kids and lose their minds.
“During a live service Prophet Agabus Nawa commanded some of the congregants to lose their mind and go back to their childhood were they were still infants, and immediately they begun to behave like children and didn’t know were with one of them completely lost his mind were he could not recognize anyone.
A new Facebook page called PROPHET AGABUS NAWA warns others who may want to try his stunts that “the level of anointing is no longer the same. If you can’t turn water to wine well don’t try.”
Pictures were posted on the page with the following messages: “During live the man of God Prophet Agabus Nawa turned grass into food and he commanded people in church to eat. And they ate. GLORY BE TO GOD.
“During live service the man of God Prophet Uzziel Advice turned soil to become chocolate and commanded them to go and eat.they ate in full. GLORY BE TO GOD.
“During live service the men of God Prophet Uzziel Advice and Prophet Agabus Nawa commanded people to sleep as God did with Adam. They stand on top of them and jump they didn’t feel any pain. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
“During live service the men of God Prophet Agabus Nawa and Prophet Uzziel Advice commanded the people to horses and ride on top of them. GLORY BE TO GOD (sic).”

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