Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has dissociated all the five Southeast governors from support for any street protests towards the realisation of the Sovereign state of Biafra.
In a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Sam Onwuemodo, Governor Okorocha who also is the chairman of APC Governors’ Forum, said that the reported violent protests in some state capitals, including those of Rivers, Anambra and Delta, in the name of Biafra, do not in any way, have the support or blessing of the governors and leaders of the South-East geo-political zone, either directly or indirectly.
He said the reported protests, which turned violent in some places, were said to have been aired by Radio Biafra’ and the arrest of its Director by security agents.
Governor Okorocha said, the ugly development was highly regrettable especially when it was clear that such violent protests in the name of Biafra wouldn’t add any value to the development of the South-East and the progress of the people of the area.
He said “the governors and leaders of the South-East condemn the protests, especially when they were carried out in the name of Biafra.
“If a section of the people in the South-East or even the whole people in the geo-political zone protest over the bad shape of the federal roads in the area or protest over the total neglect of the geo-political zone, every governor and leader in the area would support that but, not a protest over an issue that is neither here nor there”.
Okorocha said that “the South-East is an integral part of Nigeria and the governors and leaders from the area so much believe in the unity of the country and would always work towards sustaining the unity”.
According to him, “as far as the governors and leaders of the South-East are concerned, those behind the campaign for Biafra have their ulterior motive, which has nothing to do with corporate interest of Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria”.
He said “The concern of the governors and other South-East leaders is to get what is due for us in our country, and any other quest, especially for Biafra, is diversionary” Governor Okorocha stated.
The governor called on those behind all the said protests for Biafra to give peace a chance and regretted that some Igbo people could get involved in a protest which end results won’t benefit Ndi-Igbo in any way, but that could lead to detrimental shoot outs.
The Imo governor said that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, and the South-East people strongly believe in that unity and would work assiduously to ensure its sustenance.
Similarly, an Enugu-based Ohaneze chieftain has called on the protesters to stop deluding themselves with the false hope that the aspirations for a nation of their own called Biafra is realisable.
The advice was given by an Enugu-based Ohaneze chieftain, who pleaded anonymity, said Ndigbo, more than any other ethnic group, have a life-long stake in Nigeria.
The Igbo tribe is the only tribe whose investments are widespread all over Nigeria.
“We have a majority stake in the country. Our investments are spread all over it. Our blood have been shed to keep it one and united. Anybody thinking that we will leave it to begin afresh elsewhere had better had his head re-examined” he advised.
We are not for Biafra or any other state. We are Nigerians and will remain Nigerians for all time” he vowed.

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