A former chieftain of the People Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State, Otuekong Sunny Udoh has disassociated himself from any sinister plot to cause disaffection among ethnic groups to distabilise the country.
In a press statement issued in Abuja, Otuekong Udoh said categorically that he was no more an executive member of the South-South People’s Assembly, SSPA.
“I plead with those trying to link me to these fraudulent reports to desist from it. They should know that I am one of the untainted elders from Akwa Ibom State who have shunned all evil enticements and entreaties, including millions of naira and dollars promised me, not forgetting several threats to my life and that of members of my family.
“I decided to team up with the progressives on my own volition; to liberate my state, Akwa Ibom, from political frauds and other pending nemesis; therefore cannot be involved in any adverse plot or evil mechanisation to disunite the country I fought during the civil war to unite. My followers and political colleagues know this; even those who want to be my enemies.
“Surprisingly, I received a document recently linking me, Otuekong Sunny Jackson Udoh, addressed as Chief Sunny Jackson Udoh in the alleged sinister plot to a group that conspired to break up Nigeria. The allegations in the said document are grievous, thus prompting this reaction immediately, as it is pertinent to put the records straight.
“Ordinarily, I would not have loved to join issues with the authors of these damaging documents, but it is important to clear my good name and that of my family, especially after toiling for years as a former legislator and now elder statesman, sacrificing virtually my entire adult life to keep Nigeria united. This is why I have quality friends in all sections of the country. My number one principle is to keep Nigeria one; this all my good friends in the western and northern Nigeria can testify to without hesitation.”
Otuekong Udoh also said he noticed that the authors of the document believed that he was still an executive member of SSPA since the names listed in the early part of the letter said to have attended a meeting in New York to initiate the purported plot are mostly members of the South-South People’s Assembly.
“However, I wish to state unequivocally that I never attended the purported meeting on 10th, August 2010 at 605 3rd Avenue, New York. Therefore, cannot be privy to what the group discussed and decisions taken at such a gathering.”

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