YOUTHS in the South-West
have accused President
Muhammadu Buhari of
neglect and not paying
attention to their welfare.
They alleged that Buhari
has failed the youths by
not fulfilling his electoral
National President, Yoruba
Youth Congress, YYC, who
doubles as the Chairman,
Coalition of South-West Youth
Groups, Prince Dapo Adepoju,
lamented that the president
has pushed the youths to the
back seat.
Adepoju told journalists in

Akure, the Ondo State capital,
yesterday, while receiving
youth leaders of tertiary
institutions who came from
Ghana, that Buhari has failed
to extend hands of fellowship
and friendship to Nigerian
The group noted that the
choice of the present minister
for youth is a wrong one as he
is far above the stipulated age
to be addressed as a youth.
“We contributed the largest
votes, yet we are the ones
that are jobless and taken for
granted. We will not accept it
anymore,” he said.
Adepoju said lots of
corrections can still be made

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to pacify the youths by
providing employment for
those roaming the streets with
empty tummies.
He said youth stakeholders
will consult and agree on
a particular presidential
candidate to support in the
2019 general election.
Adepoju said the united
effort of youths was the reason
for the technical defeat of
Nnamdi Kanu.
“We were united and we
all agreed that we will not
support his sentimental
agitation. Had it been we gave
him our support, it would
have been another story today.
“How many youths are
in his cabinet? In fact the
president has not deemed it
fit to appreciate the efforts
of youth stakeholders who
supported him to kill the bad
intentions of Kanu.
“Instead, people who were
not part of the struggle are
the ones that are commended,
in fact the vice president met
with them, this is not good
Adepoju said Nigerian
youths have decided that
only a presidential candidate
irrespective of his/her
political party that will give
them the needed attention will
get their support in 2019.

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