Contrary to opinions that the enforcement of‎ speed limit device in vehicles plying the nation’s high ways is new, the Rivers State command of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, has affirm that it had long been in existence.
Clearing the in Port Harcourt yesterday was the state sector commander, Andrew Ayodele Kumapayi, who noted that they had been doing subtle advisory enforcement of the speed limit device, advising motoring public to key into it to reduce road crashes and its effects.
Mr Kumapayi affirmed that “according to Federal Road Safety Commission Establishing Act, 2007, and National Road Traffic Regulations 2012, before a vehicle plies the nation’s highway, it must have‎ speed limit device installed in it.”
He explained that‎ the device is an equipment which makes a vehicle not to exceed a certain speed limit, no matter how the driver accelerates it.
The sector commander noted that the FRSC’s research proved that most of the fatal road crashes were caused by over speeding, affirming that installation of the device had advantages and no disadvantages.
He further maintained that it reduces top speed‎ to a pre-set limit.
“In that case the vehicle is calibrated not to exceed a certain limit.”
Kumapayi also noted that it reduces overall crash risks, as well as severity risk of both humans and vehicles.
“Speed limit device‎ is fuel efficient and has been confirmed by the fleet vehicles operators. It is compatible with our environmental conditions, even as it reduces the effect wear and tear of the vehicle.
“The equipment ‎has facility for speed recording, storage and inspection. The vehicle involved will also last long.”
He warned too that the equipment, when installed, would be monitored on regular basis to avoid sabotage.
“All the fleet operators, like the ABC transport company, among others who‎ have it in their vehicles have recorded huge success in road crash prevention and reduction, and are expected to be at the fore-front of the campaign. Even in Kenya where it applies, road crash record is less.”

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