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State of the nation…..I have captured Nigeria saga in some of my books



State of the nation.....I have captured Nigeria saga in some of my books

Nigeria, restructuring, sleeping, snoring, angry governors, is passing through a lot of difficulties and circumstances that are prohibiting development in the country. I have captured Nigeria saga in some of my books which led to this current state of the nation.

In one of my books, the lost glory of this nation was demonstrated, which is as a result of the mischievous deeds of some bad eggs among the elite who amass wealth, yet have nothing tangible to contribute to the development of this nation. They are attributing blames to other categories of people in the society.

The failure of leaders to restore peaceful coexistence, meaningful standard of living, oneness in spirit and brotherhood are among the reasons that have led this nation into the current state it is today.

The catastrophic turn of events, especially in recent times, is driving this country into an ocean of tears. The living condition in Nigeria is poor. This is a country where human blood flows like water. A country where people are singing songs of praise whenever there is a massacre.

What a nation! The situation creates disturbances in the minds of people and tears seem to be the only thing to fill the vacuum created in their hearts. Some people have continuously mourned their loved ones who were slaughtered and butchered like pieces of meat, yet they couldn’t ascertain those behind the killings.

They continue living with this agony in this unfavourable part of the planet called Nigeria. People in the society are totally paralysed with fear, the fear of terrors such as the killing of innocent souls and energetic people that hold the centre of the society.

Look at the way people are dying day-in and day-out, yet the perpetrators are not brought to book. I think it is a ghost gun that is behind this because it is on record that Nigeria has played pivotal roles in peacekeeping missions in Africa.

As the major power in West Africa, Nigeria has been the main provider of military assistance to countries like Cote D’lvoire, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone. Despite this fantastic record, Nigeria is bedevilled by countless cases of massacres and massive burial in some states.

Perhaps, in witnessing this bloodshed here and there, at least life holds very little promise. At least there is peace and tranquility in the grave. It is a place for all. The grave may be better off than what we call “the giant of Africa”. Indeed, the graveyard is better than this giant of corruption, giant of bloodshed, giant of agony where people are dying in pain and solitude.

In Nigeria today, states like Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Adamawa, to mention but a few, may be referred to as ‘graveyard states’ where wanton killings have occurred. There is no doubt about the stolen dreams of innocent souls in these states.

Death and the inability to address the root causes of the crises that are threatening the lives of people in the affected states. Indeed, Nigeria is in dire need of a miracle but when will this miracle come?

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